Friday, November 12, 2010

New Toys in the Quilt Shop!

Today is Feature Friday, but instead of featuring one single quilting tool, I'd like to feature the whole quilt shop!

This fall I added many new tools and supplies to the quilt shop. No longer limited to sole free motion quilting, these new items are artistic, fun supplies I love playing with for a wide range of quilting uses.

One of my favorites is Shiva Paintstiks, which are possibly the best way to apply color and effects to your fabric.

We're now carrying a selection of matte and iridescent paintstiks and a wide variety of brushes, rubbing plates, and the awesome book on quilt painting "Quilts of a Different Color" by Irene Bluhm.

It was from this book that I learned how to apply paint to a fully finished quilt. I loved the technique so much I decided to use it to cover nearly the whole quilt top of Release Your Light with paint. Talk about a time consuming project!

But I know I couldn't have achieved the gorgeous colors of that quilt any other way. It's amazing how quilters react to hearing that it's painted and not pieced. Most people really don't believe me!

The next item I've added is Alex Anderson's new 4-in-1 tool. Since I already own several seam rippers, point turners, stilettos, and a finger pressing stick, it might seem silly to also add this tool, which does all of those things, to my sewing studio.

But after loosing my finger pressing stick and my stiletto tool numerous times because they're so small, I've realized that Alex's 4-in-1 tool is really the best because it's BIG and easy to find. I've started keeping one next to my Horizon so I can quickly press seams open or turn corners out without having to go hunt for two different tools for the job.

I've also recently expanded the fabrics carried in the quilt shop. In addition to the wonderful Kona Cotton in black and white, we also have several solid colors from Moda's Bella Solid collection and some spray batiks from Moda's Kota Batik fabric line.

These are all excellent, high quality fabrics that I'm now using daily as samples for the project. The dark, saturated colors really allow my thread work to show up nicely so you can see what I'm doing on camera.

Of course, this is only a small sample of the new tools, supplies, and toys recently added to the quilt shop so definitely swing by, scroll through, and check it all out for yourself right here!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. I thought about getting the 4-in-1 tool but then I figured that if I ever lost it - I'd lose all four tools at the same time. It's way more fun to lose them one at a time.

  2. Sometime I hope to be able to try the paint sticks - I've seen the Sharon Schamber painted quilt video and the results are just stunning


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