Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFO Sunday - Always Unfinished Project

It's UFO Sunday and time to link up our progress on unfinished projects. This week I'm working on a continuous, work in progress project that is always unfinished - the cleanliness of my studio!

This mess is largely due to being gone for so long, needing to move everything rapidly in order to dye Duchess Reigns, and basically it means a ton of fabric has become a big jumbled mess all over the place.

So today is a folding and organizing day! I'm hoping by the end, I'll not only be able to see my tables, I might even be able to use them!

By the way, this is going to be the last UFO Sunday link up. While I love linking up and seeing what everyone is doing, it just seems excessive to be linking up two times in three days. From now on I'm going to post and write about UFO progress, but no more link ups on this specific topic.

Let's go quilt,



Marelize Ries said...

I really enjoyed seeing other people's link ups with your UFO Sunday linky party, so I am sad to see it 'go'.. but glad you'll still share what you're up to....

Gertie Pye said...

Leah I have been following your blog since 2010 but have always been too chicken to try FMQ. Today I purchased your online Craftsy course which looks fabulous. 2013 will be the year I get down and conquer FMQ!

Linda said...

How ironic is it that I unknowingly chose your last UFO link-up to show my UFO? LOL
But yeah, I totally get your point. I don't know how you keep up with everything!!

Christina Fairley Erickson said...

Hi, Leah- Thanks so much for hosting the link-ups. I've enjoyed participating in both FMQ Fridays and UFO Sunday, but I understand your choice to go to once a week. I so enjoy following all your projects and thoughts. You're quite inspirational and I post links to many of your pages and projects regardless of whether I have a link back.

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