Monday, March 17, 2014

11. Quilt a Rail Fence with Wiggles & Teeth

It's the second week of March and just so happens to be St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate we're running a sale - 25% off all download books, DVDs, and patterns. This means you can pick up a download copy of the Building Blocks Quilt Pattern for just $18!

If you've been on the fence about joining in, now is a great time to do it because March's block is so simple to piece and quilt. Today's design is a perfect example of simple, skill building quilting:

In this block we're reviewing Wiggly U shapes which we've learned in both our Four Patch and Nine Patch blocks, and learning the straight line / sharp angle variation called Teeth. I'm interested to see which design you like best!

One thing to understand as we move forward with more designs - you don't have to mark ALL of the designs on the blocks.

Today's design is a great example of a design that really doesn't need to be marked. It's just wiggles and teeth! You can free hand quilt this!

I want to encourage you to try both styles of quilting as much as possible this year because they are both super important to learn.

Please understand that just because you have 42 quilting guides for all of your blocks, you don't have to mark every single one unless you want to.

Another little cheat you can get away with on this block - you really don't HAVE to stitch it in the ditch. If you need to fly through this block quickly, just stitch the perimeter of the block and wiggles and teeth across and that will work just fine. Feel free to alter these designs to make them work for you!

So enjoy quilting these super quick designs this week! If you haven't joined this quilt along yet, remember you can pick up a download copy of the Building Blocks Quilt Pattern for just $18 today only.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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