The Free Motion Quilting Project: Contact


Do you have a burning question about free motion quilting?  

Great, you've come to the right place!  I love connecting with quilters, and I really do read every single email I'm sent, so please don't hesitate to write in.

There are a couple good ways to get a hold of me:

- Post a comment on this blog below the article or design you have a question about.

- Post a comment on my facebook fan page

- Reply to any of the newsletter emails sent out on Wednesday morning. 

- Shoot me an email - support @ (delete the spaces so the email will send). 

To ensure a quick response to your question, please keep your question short and simple.  While I absolutely love to connect with quilters all over the world, I also really need to spend time quilting in order to come up with new designs to post on the project.

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day
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