The Free Motion Quilting Project: Day 79 - Drunk Pointy Paisley

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 79 - Drunk Pointy Paisley

This design is also featured in the DVD Beginner Free Motion Quilting Fillers, as well as the ebook From Daisy to Paisley.

Today's design inspired a funny story:

Pointy paisley is typically a very stand up guy. He's a little more regimented than his brother Paisley and always keeps his hair trimmed and clothes clean.

Or at least he does when he's sober! Yes, our dear friend Pointy Paisley occasionally has one too many drinks and morphs into the wild, rule breaking free spirit Drunk Pointy Paisley!

free motion quilting | Leah DayThis isn't the first Paisley design to have a taste for the wild side. Just wait until you meet the rest of the family!

Inspiration - Have I ever mentioned my love of Art Nouveau? Lately I've been thumbing through my favorite books on this art form and was struck by a design of a ribbon flowing and twisting in the breeze.

When I stitched this as a pivot design, I realized how much it looked like pointy paisley, only looser and wiggly, therefore it must be drunk!

Difficulty Level - Intermediate. Pivoting, paisley like designs are really not that difficult. Just maintain an even distance as you echo and you'll do just fine.

Design Family - Pivoting. This design will work just about anywhere on your quilt, so feel free to stitch it big for a quick finish, or stitch it small for a tight, awesome looking texture.

Directional Texture - All directions. This design fills your quilt with an overall texture so place it where you want a lot of movement on your quilts.

Suggestions for Use - With the many paisley variations I've already made, I'm starting to wonder if I should make a quilt just featuring the lot of them...

I could even make it with paisley fabric so it'd be paisley's stitched on paisleys!

Back of Drunk Pointy Paisley
free motion quilting | Leah Day
Feel free to use this free motion filler designs in your quilts,
and make sure to tell your friends where you learned it.

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Leah Day


  1. Love it!


  2. Thank you for these posts! The video tutorials are great. This blog is so encouraging for those of us who have just dropped our feed dogs and are getting into the whole free-motion world.

  3. My stitching looks nothing like that when I had one too many ;-)
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and enthousiasm!


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