The Free Motion Quilting Project: Free Motion Fillers Volume 1

Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Motion Fillers Volume 1

I'm bursting at the seams to officially announce:

This is the first DVD and Downloadable Workbook from the project. Both feature the first 20 designs with loads of information on how to quilt the designs, where they will look the best on your quilt, and how to quilt them for the best results.

The downloadable workbook features two, handdrawn 4" squares of each design. The first square shows the overall texture of the design and gives you a great idea what the finished design will look like in your quilt.

The second square is partially filled with arrows indicating how the design is created. Instructions are also included just in case the arrows aren't enough.

Because this is a downloadable workbook, you can get started practicing the designs right now! No way for it to arrive in the mail.

Another terrific feature of downloadable workbooks is that you can print as many copies as you like! You'll never feel weird about drawing in your workbook because you can always print another copy of the practice squares.

Now let me share a bit about the DVD. This is a 1 hour long DVD that also features the first 20 designs from the project.

Each video is clear, crisp, and perfect for learning from your TV screen. Watch how the designs are formed and catch all the tips on quilting I share as I quilt them.

Many of the videos are longer and packed with more details, tips and tricks than what's been provided on the blog.

Now if you're interested in the Workbook, click here.

If you want to learn more about the DVD, click here.

And if you want to get them both for an awesome deal, click here!

I'm so very proud of both the DVD and workbook! A year ago, I never, ever would have thought this was possible!

I was originally planning on coming out with the DVD and workbook at the end of the project, but the overwhelming number of requests and emails of encouragement made me see that I needed to start working on it now.

A huge thank you to everyone who has written in, commented, joined the newsletter, told a friend, posted on a fourm, shared the project with a online group, or blogged about it!

I really couldn't have done any of this without your continual support!

Now, before I start crying...


Leah Day


  1. congrats on getting so much done, I hope sales are through the roof, this is the next generation of free motion quilting. cw

  2. Oh Girl you GO!!! I just got your site yesterday & immedately sent it out too! Fantastic resource! I am tired of my little 'catch all' book I made that sit's next to my machine with printed out motifs taken from all over. When I get some extra cash you bet this is a must have! Thank you! & Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for putting this together! It's a must have for my collection. Are you planning on adding more patterns? Will each 20 patterns have a workbook and DVD or will you divide it up into larger amounts? Nadine

  4. Each day I see your designs makes me want to go quilt. So awesome! Congratulations on your success! Thanks for inspiring!

  5. Hi Nadine - those are great questions! Can you answer them for me???

    Ha! I've been struggling with whether to make DVDs and workbooks of the whole project or to only go to Volume 5 (100 designs).

    What do you guys think?

    I think I'll put a poll up on the side bar to get everyone's opinion!

    Let's go quilt!



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