The Free Motion Quilting Project: A few decisions...

Friday, February 12, 2010

A few decisions...

Thank you all for commenting yesterday and sharing your opinions. It really helps to be able to get such immediate feedback from everyone.

I decided that, while I was okay with the gray color, I was not okay with the words in the title not showing up.

So yesterday I started fiddling with another way to do the DVDs and already uploaded the first disc again with a much, much better cover.

Sometimes I just need a push to jump out of my comfort zone and try something new. As crazy as it sounds, I'm sometimes resistant to learning new programs if it seems really complicated or time consuming.

But after working on it for a few hours I saw a massive improvement. The new cover is not only better looking, but I was able to put a description of the dvd on the front, the contents of the disc on the back, and another list of contents on the insert.

I'm going to have the new samples rushed so this DVD should still launch next weekend. YAY!

Looking at it now, this DVD looks very professional and I'm very glad I took the time to fix it.

I know most of you don't care what it looks like or if it even came in a case, but I'd rather not be the creator of the ugliest-quilting-dvd-ever!

I've also made the decision to take a week off from new designs this week.

Instead I'll be posting more about the new quilt I'm working on, some inspirational Valentine's Day designs, and a few more clips from the beginner dvd.

After finishing this beginner dvd, I find myself sitting around thinking "Okay, what next?" and I really think the next thing I focus on should be making a new quilt.

free motion quilting | Leah DayMarch should be a relaxed month and if I start now, I should be able to finish "My Cup Runneth Over" by April.

A quilter named Dmicass commented yesterday about a fabric called "Nuance" by sewbatik.

I checked it out and, yep, it's PERFECT for this quilt. The colors are exactly what I'm looking for and I'm really getting excited about the project just looking at them.

Also I've heard back from 2 different data recovery companies and the outlook isn't good for my smashed hard drive.

Losing all the original footage from designs 41 - 125 might seem like the biggest disaster in the world, but really it's allowing me to look at all the designs in a new way.

I'm not sure yet if I'll create more DVDs from the project. I know I will create more eventually, but really right now I just want to burrow into my sewing studio and hibernate for the rest of the winter!

I'm off to yoga and then will be packing, packing, packing for the rest of the day for the workshop tomorrow. Can't wait!

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. I am glad that you are happy with the new cover of the DVD. Being happy and confident are wonderful things!

    I adore the sketch of your quilt. I don't have drawing skills, but I love how it looks so fluid, as if it is still moving.

  2. I enjoy coming to visit this site almost everyday. And hearing how you get your energies and passions for what you are doing - it's really nice to share that with you. Okay, I ment learn from you, but it's nice to know what and how your insperations come about. I know I am creative, but right now it's so hidden from view that I am having trouble getting it out of hiding!! And when it does rear it head, I am suddenly working on something not planned, and it adds to the huge pile of things that I have not finished yet!! Maybe that is why it's hiding right now - and only letting me work on small things that I can get done in an hour instead of creating more unfinished/half done projects.....

    I am loving this site. Like you, if something seems hard, I resist it at first - like the quilting you do. But, I sure do like watching how you make it flow and the way the stiches turn out and.... yup, feel the fear and do it anyway is my motto - and this 'quilting' will become something I am so very good at. Thank-You. Just Thank-You.

  3. Been thinking a lot lately about inspiration of all kinds. One idea hit home that we are less likely to be creative and inspired when we are in the mode of responding to the "tyranny of the urgent." Deadlines are wonderful things, but I guess the challenge is to build in regular times of "margin", let other things wait and nurture the creative process, however that may look! I hope I'm building a reservoir of experiencing beauty because creative moments usually come at unexpected times, but they're results of "deposits" being made in that "beauty bank." Glad for this community of quilters!

  4. Hi, Leah . . . If you get the chance, take a peek at my blog: . I’m passing on an award to you. Don’t feel obligated to continue it on, I just want you to know how much I admire what you're doing, and to say thanks! Thanks!

  5. Leah, you probably knew in your heart what you wanted to 'actually' do before you made your post yesterday but wanted (though you didn't really realise it) the ideas you had subconciously decided upon.
    You aren't delayed but have something you are very very happy with.
    With regards your damaged hard drive - I'm sorry to hear that there may be now means of retreivingthe designs - but as you say, in due course it will give you a chance to revisit and explore them further.
    Enjoy your new quilt challenge and I for one will be happy to share your creative journey.
    All the best for tomorrow's talk, please share with us how you get on.

  6. I just wanted to tell you I have used a few of your designs the last day or so and I am excited. I would never have tried to venture out and do something different if it had not been for you. Only problem is that I broke a needle when I sewed it through my finger. I have never done that before, but it still felt good to try something new, thank you.


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