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Friday, February 26, 2010

Working Through It...

I'm really sorry about not posting anything quilting or even relatively coherent for the last 2 days. I definitely feel a bit out of whack about that and am planning to get back in the swing of things very soon.

Really more than anything else it's this DVD problem that is really, really bothering me.

Like I said yesterday, it was the icing on the cake and pushed all of my already shaky emotions over James's birthday into the realm of "too much".

My cup runneth over indeed.

But I'm working through it.

After 2 days my DVD manufacturer finally got back to me with a snippy, flippant email that basically said that the problem was entirely on my end.

My response to that is "Do you REALLY think I would intentionally launch a DVD that didn't work???"

I know for a fact that the sample worked, the master worked, and all the videos I've tested all work just fine. It's just so extremely frustrating to have that kind of attitude thrown at me in the middle of all of this.

Needless to say, that manufacturer is getting the boot.

I'm already working with another company to produce the DVDs that has much, much better customer service and I can produce the dvds in a 2 disc set, packaged in 1 box like I always wanted.

As with all things, life is a learning experience, and I've learned my lesson to test at least 5 DVDs from every case from now on. It might be time consuming, but it's necessary to make sure a problem like this never happens again.

So I'm taking the rest of the day to redesign the DVD covers and also work on the new update to the quilting store.

The new stencils from Quilting Creations just came in and they look AWESOME. Seeing these stencils and knowing what you guys will be able to make from them really gave me a boost even in the middle of all of this "stuff".

Hopefully I can get all of this done and go quilt soon. I haven't been able to work on the new quilt or quilting designs much in the last few days and that's what I really want to do the most.

Off to work!

Leah Day


  1. My mentor used to own a quilt shop. Her biggest complaint was that she never had time to quilt. All she got to do was run the shop. Good luck and hope you get to some quilting soon. Lane

  2. Glad you're feeling better-some days you just need a break!!

  3. Hugs.
    I don't know you - I've stumbled onto your blog from another blog, from another blog (as you do when you get sidetracked) I don't even quilt (yet - about 1/4" on the time-line of life away from starting in earnest!), but I feel at this moment like reaching out and offering you a cyber ((((HUG))))
    Perseverance and a good attitude and I'm sure your new manufacturer will be a godsend!!

  4. There is that old saying about "too many irons in the fire"??? I think you have a lot going on, but I'm confident it will all work out. So sorry to hear that your CD Mfg isn't working out. Wish I had a recommendation, but my CD experience is with gold masters & replication of drivers. I'm trying to send positive vibes your you have strength to pursue. Your DVD is going to be awesome!


  5. Leah, please don't worry so much about the DVDs. I think those that view you through your site know that life deals dirt all the time. We keep comming back to your site because you are real and passionate about quilting, experimenting and sharing. There are greater concerns in this world. You seem wonderful even if the DVD manufacturer has faulty equipment and poor service. Keep smiling, keep quilting and moving forward. You are going places a lot of us will never be.

  6. Leah,

    I know that you've been having a tough couple of days and that you're a little bit down about the problems with the video. I just wanted to comment and tell you that the content is AWESOME and I'm so glad I bought the disks. I'm about 3/4 of the way through disk 1 and I'm learning all sorts of new things. I'm going to get a new chair and I've been hiding my threads incorrectly. Also, I'm going to make some practice squares and make them into placemats when I'm done!

  7. I couldn't deal with having off-site production. They don't really understand that it's more than mechanics you have invested. On the other hand, this gives you the opportunity to do what you really want with the cover and fine tune the process. This won't be your only project to produce, so better to get all the glitches out now, learn from them so that when you have a huge demand you can meet it with confidence.


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