The Free Motion Quilting Project: YAY DAY!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today is turning out to be an absolutely awesome YAY DAY!

What is a Yay Day exactly? It's a day that everything goes right, perfect, and comes together in a spectacular way.

First off, a very important package arrived in the mail today: my sample copy of Free Motion Basics Disc 1 and Disc 2!

Seeing the box from my manufacturer, I immediately ripped it open to find the most awesome looking, perfect dvds I've made so far. Really, I can't be more delighted at how they turned out!

Throughout this project, I've really wanted this set to be very plain, black and white with bold type.

I also knew that I wanted Disc 1 to look different from Disc 2 or I would run the risk of picking up 2 boxes of the same dvd and messing up orders all over the place.

I immediately ran downstairs to see how they play on the DVD player as this is the what really matters. Yes, things are supposed to work right if the master disc works, but it's always good to check the whole disc.

Two hours later, I'm walking on clouds! Really, this is an awesome DVD and the whole thing has come out perfect. It's been a tough project with lots of ups and downs, but seeing the end result look this good is just so worth it.

Here's another clip from the DVD that explains my method for quilting a BIG quilt on a domestic sewing machine:

Anyone up for the Squish, Squish, Flatten method of quilting??? Ha! I had a lot of fun filming this section and I think it really shows.

James made 2 cameo appearances at the ends of both discs. For the first, he was in a great mood and for the second he was definitely a grumpy bun.

I've already ordered 100 copies of both discs, but they won't be here until Friday and probably too late to ship over the weekend.

But I know ya'll are just as excited as I am, so I'm going to start a pre-launch sale starting tomorrow. All the DVDs will ship out first thing Monday morning and hopefully get to you by the end of next week!

Guess what else is making my Yay Day wonderful???

I got the fabric from and it is AMAZING!

free motion quilting | Leah DayI've bought a lot of fabric over the last 5 years and seen even more batiks of all colors, but NOTHING like this! The graduations in color are just plain perfect.

I know I'll definitely have to make some landscape quilts with the green and maybe a few fiery quilts with the reddish/orange.

So I'm off to go prewash all of this fabric and start preparing the pattern of My Cup Runneth Over for piecing. YAY!

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. Congratulations. I am glad it all worked. I love your blog. Thanks for all the advice.

  2. Congratulations on your DVD. The new covers are much better, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the clips.

  3. Yay for Leah Day! Your covers look fantastic! And so is the clip!

  4. I'm really happy for you. I hope this makes up for Silver & Tough. BTW, even though I read your post this am and realized I needed to do a backup I didn't (shoot me). When I turned on my PC this afternoon it didn't want to turn on. Not good! I hope tomorrow I get a good day like you today! I'm truly very happy for you!


  5. Fabulous, Leah. And many more YAY days ahead for you. The DVD looks awesome. Good job and God Bless.

  6. Much nicer! For an "amateur" job it sure looks professional now!

  7. Wow, you did have a great day! Nice job on the video clip. You look very professional and come across as a machine quilter who has been there, done that, and solved the problems!

  8. You are going to make a quilter out of me yet!!! yes, I have put my name on the list of 'send me the stuff!!!' - so, wow, this is something I am going to master - and thank-yo so much for your insperation, your guidance and your fun belief that anyone can do this, and here's how!!!!!!
    I love the squish, squish, flatten matheod you have with the small space in the machine!!!!! I knew it could be done, but I loved to see how you did it!!
    And, I told you to not be to stressed over the horrible accident you had with the hard drive - look how fantastic this has all worked out - and I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! thank-you again!!! you are like a ray of sunshine when I watch you at work. you make it sooooo managable, and you are fearless, which, fear isn't real anyway, it's all in our minds, but sometimes I still have to push it out of the way..... and for crying out loud, it fabric and thread!!! What can happen that you can't undo???? I can hardly wait to learn from you!!!! Thank-you so much!!!

  9. YAY Day! Love it. Love your blog too. I always come here first for inspiration when I sit to quilt a new top.

  10. leah
    you are fast becoming a legend

  11. Leah, I love your video on 'big quilt' quilting. I wish I had seen it about 3 weeks ago. I just finished a king-sized oompa-loopa quilt for my DH. All FMQ. And unfortunately, I gave in to his request for 'really thick' batting...
    Thanks for sharing all of your FM designs!

  12. How big is the arm hole on your machine? Is it regular size or a machine made bigger to fit big quilts?

    And thanks for your blog.
    I read it every day.


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