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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quilting Stencils!

This week I'm finally kicking off the grand opening my the new Stencil Store! Come check it out right here.

Right now I'm carrying 18 stencils I designed in the fall, as well as a few stencils from other designers from Quilting Creations International.

The best thing is that 7 of the stencils were created with filler designs from this project!

Here's Day 1 - Shadow Waves:

Day 2 - Etch n' Sketch (renamed Placid Water):

Day 3 - Gentle Flames:

Day 4 - Swirling Flames:

Day 6 - Echo Shell:

Day 15 - Flowing Glass:

Day 30 - Trailing Tears:

Each of these filler designs are created on a 1/2" scale so that will leave 1/2 inch between your stitching lines.

If you're worried about using the filler designs from this project and making your bed quilt too stiff, these stencils will really make it easy to mark and quilt your whole quilt with a cool, continuous line design.

Out of the other 11 designs, here are a few of my favorites:

6" Double Wedding Ring - I'm definitely going to get my double wedding ring quilt made this year, but rather than piece it, I'm going to quilt the pattern as a wholecloth using this stencil!

Here's another variation on the same theme. Rather than piece and applique your Dresden Plate blocks together, why not quilt them instead?

Finally, here are 2 stencils from quilt's I made in the fall:

Vase of Hibiscus

Scrollwork Hearts - This was use in a red, wholecloth quilt I made as a donation to the American Heart Association Ball.

Unfortunately wholecloth quilts don't usually show up well in photos, but you can see the full sized quilt here.

To celebrate finally getting all of these stencils online, I'm running a sale on all marking tools at the quilt shop.

Definitely head over and stock up on pens, pencils, markers, and tracing tools for marking your quilt tops! Click Here to check it out now.

Let's go Quilt!

Leah Day

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  1. You continue to amaze me. Keep that creativity flowing. You are such an inpsiration.


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