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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Singing Quilter

Have I mentioned before that I'm the program chairwoman for my local quilt guild?

Really this is one of the most awesome positions to have in a guild because every month you get to meet and hang out with an awesome professional quilter!

Last month, if you don't mind a little recap, I hung out with Pepper Cory. I'm still planning on trying hand quilting with her mini wholecloth stencil. I just need to find the right fabric first...

This month The Singing Quilter, Cathy Miller came to Shelby and presented us with a wonderful concert of songs and quilts.

Not only is Cathy an extremely talented quilter, she's also got a hilarious sense of humor and a real down-to-earth personality.

She uses that sense of humor to create really terrific songs like "12 Step Plan for Quilters" "100 Ways to Hide Your Stash" and "You Can Quilt That Out".

Check out all of Cathy's CDs and get a 20 second preview right here.

Cathy's currently on tour from British Columbia, Canada through most of the US and is documenting her travels on her blog right here.

Ahem! Sorry, I'm incorrect! Kassius, her kangaroo commissioned quilt is actually documenting the trip on the blog. I met Kass and he's a really cool guy done in a very neat reverse machine applique technique that I simply MUST try.

So why did I originally ask Cathy to come to Shelby?

Well, I'll admit that I had a really lucky break. John, her husband, emailed me in 2009 when I was putting the programs together for this year. We just happened to have the month free and it was an easy fit!

But I knew it was going to be an awesome program when I got on her website and saw this quilt:

I've published this here with Cathy's permission because I just really wanted to share it with all of you. Isn't it awesome???

This is called "Through a Lens" and the center circle is a depiction of what the background, swirling texture would look like through a microscope. Definitely check out more of Cathy's quilts right here (click on "Quilting").

I asked Cathy and got to see this quilt at the very end of the program and it's even more beautiful in person.

Overwhelmingly tonight was a great program, everyone had a terrific time, and I think we all left feeling very inspired to go home and get to quilting.

Definitely check with the quilt guilds in your state and see if The Singing Quilter, Cathy Miller, is coming to your town anytime soon. It's definitely a program worth driving a ways to see!

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. She came to our guild in Kansas City and was awesome!!!!

  2. I have a couple of Cathy CD's!! Love 'em!!! She is very talented - in so many ways!! (kinda like someone else I know...hmmmm!!) Yes, I am talking about you!! Thank you so much for the lighting demo!!! I have an area in my room that I keep trying to put more light in, and like - hellooo!!! You have given me the answer!! I had thought of it before, but not the plug in ones!!!
    Thank-You so much for - well, just sharing your thoughts and being you!!!

  3. Our guild had Cathy come a couple of years ago. It was a delightful evening!

  4. I am so lucky -- I live in British Columbia and have seen her sing twice in the last few years, once with the Fraser Valley guild and once when I was visiting Vancouver Island and went to her guild to see Cathy -- lots of laughs and great quilts...

  5. Cathy came to our guild a few years ago and she was wonderful. I was smiling for days. My friend and I still play her CD when we shop hop.


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