The Free Motion Quilting Project: Happy Midpoint Day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Midpoint Day!

Here's a videocast I shot last night celebrating the midpoint of the project and explaining the changes that will be happening over the coming months:

To celebrate the midpoint of the project, I hope you'll check out my Quilt Shop!

I've also added to the shop:
  • Isacord Thread - 5 New Colors of the best thread for free motion quilting!
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Now let me share some exciting news about the project and business. I've been hinting for awhile that we're going to be changing a few things about the project starting in June.

The first is some news about my husband, Josh, and his growing role with our quilting business.

We've had advanced notice that in January 2011 Josh will lose his job, but the good news is, we have six months to adjust and prepare for this change.

For the rest of 2010, we will be working hard to build our online quilting business into the sole support for our family.

Josh will start taking over much of the customer service work: checking email, packing orders, and also editing videos.

While this is a pretty scary transition, I feel confident that we will work together as an excellent team.

With Josh taking over much of the computer work, I'll be able to spend more time quilting and shooting videos.

Which brings us to the second thing that will be changing about the project: MORE VIDEOS!

No, I'm not taking any videos down or changing the format of the 365 designs, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being slightly bored by stitching 4" squares every day.

So I'm going to start going back through the designs and stitching my favorites on a larger scale, in blocks, sashing, or borders just like they would be quilted in a real quilt!

Someone once commented that the project is like being handed a big bag of the most excellent golf clubs, but no direction on how to actually use them! I plan to fix this with new videos showing the designs in a variety of places, in many different scales.

I'm also going to start having a more scheduled format to the blog. Here's the schedule I hope to start in June:

More Fillers Monday! - The next filler design from the 365 Days project

Totally Filler Tuesday - The next filler design from the 365 Days project

What's Leah Working On Wednesday? - Info about the current quilt project in progress.

Anything Goes Thursday - More filler designs or a new video on a topic you'll find interesting.

Feature Friday - Info about a specific tool or material I'm currently using in the studio.

Starting this week, I'm no longer going to post on Saturday or Sunday. I'll instead use these days to shoot videos, work on quilts, or spend time with my family.

While it will be less filler designs per week, there will be loads more information on how to actually USE the filler designs, which really is the point, right?!

I'm super excited about these changes and really looking forward to the direction of this project in the coming months.

More than anything else, this project is about sharing the love of quilting and expanding our abilities, one stitch at a time.

Thank you so much for being here, for reading these posts, and spreading the word to your friends and family!

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. I've always been inspired by your project, but these new ideas sound really great. Can't wait to see your designs on actual quilts! Best of luck to you & your hubby in your joint venture!

  2. Leah - I will continue to enjoy your blog whether there is a filler design on it or not. I have learned so much from you so far and can't wait to learn some new things. Congratulations on making it half way and having it become a "family" business.


  3. The changes sound great. I love the idea of themed days. And I have often wondered about using designs in a real quilt. Look after your Husband, change is harder for men.

  4. I look forward to your changes. I enjoy your blog so much and it has inspired me to make changes to how I do some of my quilting. Good luck to you and your husband. I'm sure it will work out well for both of you. I know what its like to lose a job, lost mine due to cut backs over a year ago, but I then decided to start my small business quilting from my home.

  5. Congratulations, Leah, on reaching this milestone point in your project. I am constantly amazed by the variety of filler designs that you come up with. The new changes sound great and I'm really looking forward to seeing how you use the Accuquilt Go! I checked this out a while back - considering how I could use it in my pattern designs. Seems to be getting more popular all the time. Go, Leah - and Josh - go!

  6. This is wonderful! When one door closes, another door opens, we just have to brave enough to embrace opportunities. Good for you and your husband for being brave enough to grow your amazing business!

    You've been such an inspiration and motivator for me since I discovered you a few months ago. When I have a need for a product, I visit your site first, because I wholeheartedly believe in supporting WAHM as often as I can.

    I am so excited to see all of the changes you have planned!

  7. Sounds exciting and a little scary for you both - good luck. Looking forward to hearing more about the accu quilt thingey.

  8. You go girl!......where do you get this energy?

    I love looking at your work and will definitely shop more now that I know you are "bringing home the bacon"!

    Happy Sewing

  9. I've learned so much from Leah. She really has a gift for making everything--setting up your machine, squaring the fabric, and yes, stitching!--understandable.

    One thing I've learned: if Leah recommends a tool, it's a useful one. I urge everyone to check out the wide variety of TESTED tools and notions for sale in the shop.

  10. I like your plan--it fits with your family and allows growth too! An exciting time for you and your husband.

  11. Looking forward to seeing how things develop here and a big congratulations on this 'milestone' - just last night I, again, pointed a new quilter to your blog for advice and guidance and told her that at present she doesn't have to buy a new machine just start off with a walking foot and an open toe applique foot and practice and play then see where it takes her but before buying a machine, at some point later, to check out your 'machine journey'

  12. Your changes will only enhance your project. You are wise and talented beyond your years. Much success to you, Leah!

  13. Thanks, Leah. You have brought inspiration and an increased chance for success to many of us. Best wishes in moving forward with your business. Keep up the good work.

  14. "While it will be less filler designs per week, there will be loads more information on how to actually USE the filler designs, which really is the point, right?!"

    Yes! Oh, thank you Leah. Your blog has been such a wealth of information to me. Making a quilt has never particularily scared me, but quilting a quilt.... now that's a beastie that intimidates me to no end. I'll make a wedding dress before I'll dare quilt a quilt. You've certainly opened my eyes to the technique, and I cannot wait to use what you're teaching to quilt the Sunbonnet Sue quilt I'm making my daughter.

  15. This is very exciting news! I'm certain that the new business format will be a success. You are very creative. Good luck and I will follow you with great interest. Greetings from Germany

  16. I can't wait to see all the changes. I started my (modest) blog after I read your blog and wanted to comment. I appreciate all the time you give to your followers and how you have grown along with your blog.

    Thanks for all that you do. I'll be checking out the sale too.


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