The Free Motion Quilting Project: Random Nonsense

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random Nonsense

Yeah, I know I swore I wouldn't post on the weekend from now on, but what can I say? I'm addicted to blogging!

I figure I can post an occasional Random Nonsense Day where I post something random on the blog that might, or might not, have anything to do with quilting.

So here's some recent photos I've shot around the house or around town this month:

Let's start with a view out my office window:

chickens | Leah DayYes, those are chickens! Josh and James have been raising them from chicks and they're now almost full grown.

They're surprisingly cute running across the yard and occasionally coming for a visit to peck at the windows and doors.

Now let's check in with the Shadow Self quilt:

free motion quilting | Leah DayI've managed to clip around 1/4 of the quilt this week so you can see the motifs slowly starting to emerge.

Yes, I will do a post and video on this next week so if you don't really understand what I'm doing, don't worry, I'll explain soon.

The clipping is going excruciatingly slowly because the flames are so complicated. Why, oh why, do I always make things so difficult???

Truthfully, I'm enjoying every second of clipping, even though it's moving slower than usual.

Already I've managed to watch a few favorite movies like Enchanted, Pride & Prejudice, Moulin Rouge, and episodes from Dr. Who Season 3 which are all excellent to listen to while clipping the batting away.

And here's a last random photo shot in town recently:

free motion quilting | Leah DayIt was just a random truck on a random street chock full of old sewing machines. It made me kind of sad, like I was looking at a sewing machine graveyard.

Hopefully someone will fix them and put them back to good use!

So that's it for this random nonsense day. I'm off to watch more Dr. Who and clip more batting. Make sure to swing by tomorrow for More Fillers Monday!

Let's go Quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Your chickens made me laugh- they looked like they were posing!
    Your quilt looks amazing, the bit you showed- I'm not surprised its slow work!

  2. You are too funny. :) I clicked on your blog thinking, "Why am I clicking. She just said no more posts on weekends." And here you are.

  3. I love Dr Who too. Have been watching the new series here with new Dr and Amy Pond, is good. I have watched since I was a child, I used to hide behind the couch and peek out at the Dalecks, my brothers used to pretend they were walking mannequins taken over by aliens and share the s..t out if me. Quilt looking good look too!

  4. The sewing machine dump photo made me so sad I actually teared up. Then again, we are approaching a full moon....


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