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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome Quilt Pictures

It's Anything Goes Thursday and I'm going to take a break today and brag on some really awesome quilters!

I love to get photos from quilters who are trying out the filler designs or have purchased a pattern. It's so wonderful to see what ya'll come up with!

This first photo is from Cherie from Australia. She's tried out a snowflake from the Winter Wonderland Quilt Pattern!

Honestly, I like this version better than mine! The glittery pebbling threads really make the snowflake stand out so much better.

I asked Cherie what threads she was using and she said it was a combination of Madeira Rayon, Gutterman cotton, and a holographic thread from Moldova. It definitely makes me want to start playing with more interesting threads!

This next photo is from Lorraine W. who filled this quilt with Swirling Feathers:

Swirling Feathers is turning into a very popular filler design! It adds so much beautiful movement to the surface of this quilt!

Finally, here's a show winning quilt shared by Terry W!

This is "Escape to the Surreal" which Terry entered in the Canadian Quilters' Association's National Juried Show in Calgary, Alberta this year. It won the Excellence for Abstract Wallquilt - 1st Place!

All of these quilts are so amazing! When I see what other quilters are doing with the fillers, I just start getting so excited at seeing the new textures and designs!

That's it for this Anything Goes Thursday. I'm finally finished editing and recording videos which means we're in the home stretch on the beginner DVD!

All that's left is to finish the quilt created from all the filler quilt squares so that's what I'm off to work on.

Let's go Quilt!

Leah Day


  1. Thank you and the volunteers who shared their quilting. This is so helpful. Sometimes, for me anyway, I can't see how to apply the texture. Planing ahead helps, but in two of these, the snowflake and the abstract, I can see how the the fabric played a big part in how the stitching was applied. May I suggest adding a link for others to "show and tell" what they have learned from the use of your filler ideas? Thank you again! Tina

  2. Thank you Leah for sharing other quilter's creations It adds a new dimension on how to use your fillers, To me it is hard to decide how to best use them but now I got inspired to try some on my next projects. Thank you and if you are able please keep sharing the talent

  3. Having quilted 'Lewis's' top using FMQ, I'm now experimenting and testing my skills with pebbling on the DQS9 project that's in hand at present - just spent an hour quilting and really happy with the result - pity I've run out of thread or I'd still be at it.

  4. The quilting on those quilts is amazing. You can really make a quilt piece pop by the special way you quilt it.

  5. Thanks for sharing these quilts showing how to use your designs - they are fabulous to see, and along with your work, very encouraging!


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