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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Nonsense

I'm in need of a random nonsense day! Here are some photos that have been emailed from readers or shot around the house this week:

Let's start with an awesome quilt pieced and quilted by Judy M:

free motion quilting | Leah DayAccording to Judy, this was a pattern showcased in Fons and Porter Magazine - July/August 2004.

And here's a close up of her awesome free motion quilting! She used Spiral Petals to quilt this background area. Great choice!

Judy emailed this photo to me with permission to share it with all of you. She won both Best Free Motion Quilting and a Viewer's Choice ribbons in the challenge she entered.

This is such an awesome accomplishment considering that, according to Judy, this quilt hung in her closet for 2 years waiting to be quilted!

I love this quilt because it's a perfect example of how a great combination of piecing, color choice, AND quilting really can't be beat.

Now for a totally random photo:

This is my grinning sweetie playing inside the big plastic tub I use for packing and moving quilting supplies.

And here's a totally random, absolutely off topic question for all the wonderful quilting moms and grandmoms:

Got any advice for potty training?

Any tips, tricks, or maybe a diagram for a magic button I can push to make this happen instantaneously would be more than welcome!

So that's it for Anything Goes Thursday. I still need to pack and eat lunch before heading off to quilt symposium. Maybe I'll manage to squeeze in a bit of quilting time as well!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Leah, I'm sure you will hear plenty of advice on potty training. I'll impart a fiew of my own...don't give them a book to entertain them while there, it just creates a bathroom monster. My son spent way too much time on the potty reading from a very young age and it didn't help accomplish anything while he was sitting there, lol. He prefered the hedge like the cat(no matter what I did or said), until we went for an extended visit to my mom's and I told him grandma would be very upset if he pottied in her yard. No problems after that. He did enjoy peeing on the ants in the big potty! no problem with that part of the training. We always announced when we were going and with out detail were happy with the results when done. TMI as my niece would say, hope it helps. Blessings

  2. We waited until our son knew what it was all about (he was nearly 3) and then talked about how his diapers were running out. We did this for 3 weeks and bought underwear with him in the store each time we went, letting him pick. We "ran out" on Thanksgiving Day so we had the long weekend and he was 95% done by that Sunday. There's a lot to be said for waiting.

  3. Let's see...potty training.

    Now, I have girls, and everyone tells me that boys and girls are different when it comes to potty training, but I think the truth is that kids are all just different. Each one will have a different motivation to accept or rebel against the training, and what really matters is figuring out how to make it as stress-free as possible for them. You can't make it stress-free for you, not when so many places in your house will get pee on them.

    My first daughter was potty trained at daycare. Her daycare provider just told her, "No more diapers," set her on the potty with books and toys until she peed, and then all the kids had a party for her. Never wore another diaper.

    Now my youngest, who is three and a half now, started potty training at daycare as well, but she has fought it harder. She still wants to be a baby, and resents being pushed to grow up. So, even though I know a LOT of people who look at us funny when they see she still wears diapers sometimes, I know that this is what works for us. She wears underpants at daycare (because she's more willing to do what's asked of her there) and for the
    rest of the day when she's home until bedtime. Weekends are optional, depending on how she feels and how willing I am to clean up the accidents when I forget to remind her to go or she puts it off because she doesn't want to stop what she's doing.

    So I guess the best advice I can give is: relax. They all learn eventually. Some will take to it right away, some won't. Some will be okay with peeing in a potty but not pooping (Devon had a poop accident at daycare and tried to cover it up by putting the poop in her drawer, where they keep extra clothes and stuff.) But the more they see that you have a huge stake in it, the more they will resist. There will be messes and accidents, but the best thing you can do - for both of you - is shrug them off, and say, "That's okay. You'll do better next time."

  4. Love the quilt and quilting, now on to your question... I was having a terrible time with my son years and years ago (he is now 20). My husband and I were taking off on an anniversary trip and my mom and dad came to take care of the kids for 3 days. All it took was my mother promising to by Rick a big truck and he did it... Go figure.

    He got a yellow tonka dump truck. Don't know if it was the bribe or the grandma? I was a happy mom though.

  5. M&M's worked wonders with my 4 kids! Good luck!

  6. just got finished w/potty training...tee tee and poo poo in potty gets a snack pack of m&m's....worked like a charm.

  7. Don't start too early.

    The older daughter was promised a sticker (I found some brown piles with smell lines, and no it wasn't "Scratch and sniff") when she had a perfect day. She wore it on her forehead the next day.

    The younger is much more stubborn, I had to withhold swimming lessons. It turns out she was afraid of the potty chair.

  8. Just cheer for every drop/blob in the potty!

  9. I have a daughter. For potty training, we bought small prizes (like a superball or a matchbox car) for everyday potty uses at the beginning, then moved to slightly bigger ones for going one week, etc. And we bought her some underwear she really, really wanted and told her she'd have to not go in them. It mostly worked well. I think poop took longer than pee did, though. And then overnight just happened one day. She was dry, then she was dry again, etc.

  10. I have no advice because I'm in the same boat as you. I am starting to feel like my son enjoys being wet and dirty. Either that, or he likes making us wipe his butt all the time! LOL! I'm thinking he will be pretty close to 3 by the time he figures out that pee and poop go in the toilet, not his pants. He is just not doing anything on the potty. If your son figures it out before mine, please let me know what to do! :)

  11. I'll have to second the bribe of M&M's or little toys as rewards in the beginning. Fun underwear worked for my daughter, but my son wasn't lured by that.

    In their daycare, they lined up all the little kiddies and sang songs, danced, made funny faces, etc. until it was their time to go. It was a happy, fun time and the kids enjoyed the process.

    It's kind of like training a puppy, you have to keep reminding them and praise the poop! The training period will be over before you know it. Good luck!

  12. I'm loving your random nonense days!

    Two kids potty trained - and all I can say is don't force it. My kids are only 5 and almost 3 and I can't really remember how I did it with them (so maybe I had it easy)but I think that's because I kept it low key, no stress, and no forcing the issue.

    Good luck (and they all do it one day - peer pressure when they hit school if nothing else!)

  13. Not a clue how to potty train as my mother trained my daughter, and my mother in law trained my son. And I didn't ask them to do it, they just 'thought it was time'

  14. We used the "Naked and $75" method, made popular around here by John Rosemond. (The $75 is to have your carpets cleaned after!) I will say that it works as long as you are committed (willing to be home for a few days without interruption) and your child is ready.
    That doesn't happen at a magic age. Mine were anywhere from 21 months to 3 1/2. It never worked when I tried to force the issue, but took less than 3 days when I followed their timeline.

    And that quilt is gorgeous! I think you're going to get lots of emails like that, because you are inspiring people all over the world to step outside of their FMQ comfort zone. THANK YOU!

  15. I had good success with the bribery method as well. I promised them a little "bon bon" hard candy whenever they went potty for me. I only had to keep it up about 10 days or so before they got used to going without the bribes. Oddly, since I waited until my oldest was nearly 3, my baby at 18 months got competitive and they both stopped diapers at the same time.

    The advice not to put too much emotional attachment to it is good advice. It also helps if another child comes over who is already potty trained, they're not impressed by adults who can do this, but they don't like to let other kids get ahead of them.

  16. Potty training, I remember that. Are you getting dry nappies at night? cause if you're not maybe too soon. Boys take longer than girls. Anyway be prepared for a lot of accidents, do it in summer, and use knickers (buy heaps and let him pick some too) so he can feel when wet (not pull-up big kid nappies). He will get it the day after you are ready to give up and go back to nappies! so hang in there. of course toys for rewards works well too!

  17. Toilet-training Jameas was really easy, because he was so ready, it bascially happened over night. Eleanor took a little effort, and I was prepared to accept if it wasn't working after 2-3 days to try again later and not force the issue. The factors contributing to the success: hot weather (few clothes), no carpets, four adults ready to whisk her off to the toilet in an instant (we were with the in-laws at their holiday house) and persistence/patience. We have had some accidents since with Eleanor, whereas we didn't with James, but basically within 3 days it was done. I should say, this is just day-time, both still wear nappies at night. And here's a funny story to go with it: Just after James was toilet trained, he rang my husband at work, and got no answer; I explained that Daddy was in training, and James asked, "Is Daddy toilet-training?"!

  18. I've been told that boys & girls are different, and i have 2 girls. But my neighbor had a boy, and she said it was SUPER easy! She just let him walk around with nothing on below the waist, and as soon as it "started to stand up a bit" she whisked him to the potty.

    I TOTALLY agree with the others about DON'T MAKE A BIG DEAL OF IT!!! When he's ready, he's ready, and not *before* he's ready! Don't worry. He'll be fine by the time school starts!
    We pushed my oldest daughter too soon, and she peed in her pants whenever she was outside playing ('cause she didn't want to miss any of the fun). Soon as i showed her a place she could pee outside, that little problem cleared right up!
    Good luck with it!

  19. Potty training... remember that it is a PROCESS. People consider their children potty trained when they've accomplished certain milestones, but they're really not until all diapers are gone (including overnight). That said, we started potty training my daughter almost a year ago and the overnight diapers are finally gone. She's my second child and was great about using the potty during the day, but did not want to give up the convenience of a diaper overnight. We knew she was aware of what she was doing. During our family vacation when we were all sleeping together in beds, there was enough change that she kept her diaper dry, so when we got back home, we went cold turkey. She wet her bed three times and never again.

    To start out, do the every 30 minutes thing. Every 30 minutes, take them to the bathroom and try to go pee (with boys, work on sitting before standing). After they recognize the need to go, they will (hopefully) start to tell you when they need to go. Remember, with a diaper, they could dribble every 5 minutes if they wanted to, now you have to teach them to empty their bladder, not just dribble. After awhile, you get to know how often your child needs to go and ask them to go when you think they should. We still have both kids go potty before we get in the car to go anywhere and right before bed. My daughter (#2) is more likely to wait until the last minute, so I still have to tell her to go if it's been a couple of hours.

    Good luck! It's a process -- it took 6+ months for my son and just over a year for my daughter. Patience is key.

  20. Having potty trained five (4 boys), all I can add is don't start too early. If you don't get it done, his high school football coach will!!!!!

    What worked wonders for me was waiting till it was warm and taking all lowers off. That way they can see when "accidents" happen. Give them lots to drink too. I also put a ping pong ball in the toilet to have something to aim at. They float and do not flush down. As makes them a better target hitter. You may want to put it back in when they reach about 10 years of age!!!! Relax and enjoy the challenge.

    The quilt is gorgeous!!

  21. My only advice on the potty training is to stay very patient with yourself and baby - by reminding yourself - he won't be doing this when he is 18!

  22. I have no advice for potty training, except to listen to all of the excellent advice from the mothers above! However, I do have a funny story. My boss was taking his family to Disney World in a few months, and their youngest boy was not yet potty trained. They talked to him about meeting Mickey, and how Mickey would be so proud of him for learning to use the potty. Every time the little boy successfully used the potty, they called "Mickey" - and his dad (at work) would close the office door and praise the boy in a Mickey Mouse falsetto.

  23. I have so enjoyed reading all of these comments as I'm sure you have too Leah ;)

    I'm feelin ya... as Paul Thomas and Olivia just had their 3rd birthday last week. By now my first daughter was trained, but since they are twins, and have been about 6 months behind on everything in life so far I guess we're right on track for us.. ;)

    with my first I made the mistake of pushing her... trying to keep up with other mom friends and doing what they did when they did... and let me just say - it's just like childbirth, NO ONE makes you mother of the year or a cash bonus if you don't take the epidural... nor will they recognize you if you train before they are 2 or whenever... kids aren't ready, until THEY'RE ready... so good luck. I'll certainly be thinking of you.

    My son is more interested than my daughter... so I'm working with him first. ;) - oh and if you find an "Easy Button" let me know! k?

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  24. When I was potty training kids (25 years ago) someone told me to give one reward for trying to go to the bathroom and another reward if they produced something. The rewards were only stickers for my daughter and single m&ms for my son. A chart helps, too, to tally up successes.

  25. Re Potty training - this worked for me/my son. He was advanced in so many ways, but just would NOT do the potty thing. Finally, in desperation, I removed his pants, diapers, etc. (weather was warm) and let him walk around naked below the waist. He seems to be totally surprised at the result when nature called, and responded with great interest and inquistiveness - like, duhhh surprise!!!, and a few days of no diapers, no pants, and he wised up. I thought it was miraculous. Apparently, he never put it together when diapers were being worn! 8-))


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