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Friday, July 16, 2010

Machingers Quilting Gloves

It's Feature Friday today and I think it's time to feature the very first tool I started using when free motion quilting:

Machingers Quilting Gloves!

free motion quilting | Leah Day
I learned about these awesome gloves during the first workshop I took on machine quilting.

The instructor had helpfully provided many different tools like halos, sponges, hoops, and gloves to make gripping the quilt top easier.

I played with all of the items on her table, but it wasn't until I slipped on the Machingers that I could immediately see a change in my free motion quilting skill.

Keep in mind that I'd never stippled before in my life! So I was pretty amazed when the gloves went on and I could suddenly create better lines and curves.

My shapes still weren't perfect, but they were worlds better because I had better control over the quilt sandwich.

The truth is, cotton fabric is very slick. It's hard to get a good grip on the quilt top without clenching the sandwich in your fist, and this can put loads of strain on your fingers, wrists, and arms.

You can quilt for much longer stretches if your hands and fingers stay spread out on the quilt top, but with how slick the cotton fabric is, your hands will just slide over the surface unless you use something grippy to maintain control.

The gloves are the perfect grippy tool to help you move the quilt easily and smoothly over the surface of the table without clenching your hands around the top.

Machingers themselves are nylon gloves with rubber coated tips. The only areas that are coated are just the finger tip areas, so your hands can still breathe and won't get sweaty even after hours of quilting.

free motion quilting | Leah DaySorry! It's a bad hair day so no video on the gloves!

As you can see from the photo, the gloves are meant to fit very snuggly and are available in 4 sizes. Click here to check out the different sizes available.

I mentioned before that I've tried hoops and halos and many quilters really like these tools for establishing that control. I find that they get in my way and impede my visibility.

I also hate having to worry about when to reposition the hoop when I want to be concentrating on my filler design instead. That's just my personal bias though, so always try something out for yourself to see if it works better for you!

So that's it for this Feature Friday! The gloves are available from my Quilt Shop and are also available in the Ultimate Quilting Kit as well.

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. I have a set of these that my kids got me for a gift one year. They're fabulous! There was huge difference in my um, gripping abilities as soon as I started using them. No more slippery quilts.

  2. These gloves are indispensable! I've been using them from the beginning of learning to free motion quilt. Couldn't imagine the frustration and tension I'd experience if I didn't use them. I wasn't able to find the XS size in a store, but did find the medium and was able to try them on to know for sure I needed to order the XS. These go together with free motion quilting like "hand in glove"!

  3. Machingers are amazing! I wouldn't free motion without them now. They make sewing less stressful, both physically and mentally. I even use them for straight stitching and embroidery when I'm handling small pieces or slithery fabrics.

    I have "Masters Brush Cleaner" in my studio to clean my fabric painting brushes. It comes in a round container and is similar to saddle soap. I've found that it's perfect for cleaning and reconditioning my Machiners. While wearing my gloves I just wet them, wipe them on the brush cleaner, rub my finger tips together, rinses them out, and they are like new.

  4. I have used these for years. Love them. Have had a few sets. They last a really long time. Well worth the money. My FMQ is more accurate and I'm not as tired or sore after doing FMQ, when I use these gloves. Highly recommend them! Glad to know you have them in your store.


  5. I've already been reading your wonderful and inspiring blog for a certain time (and I've learnt a lot from it!!!). Since I started to free motion quilt I use these Machinger gloves and I would never do it without them. I fully agree with all you wrote about these indispensable gloves.
    Always looking forward to reading your posts, I'm sending you greetings from Switzerland,

  6. These really are great.. I'm in NZ and just starting to get my confidence up with free motion and these gloves are brilliant, one less thing to worry about.. I got XS size .. love them to bits


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