The Free Motion Quilting Project: Several Updates

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Several Updates

I think we're in the need for an update post today! There has been a whole lot going on, both online and offline that I'd love to share with you:

First off, last month I did an interview about Release Your Light for the Alliance for American Quilts. An old friend from the Asheville Quilt Guild came to Shelby and interviewed me about creating this quilt and my quilting history.

Click Here to read the full interview. Remember this transcribed from an conversion, so if it seems to be a big mass of run-on sentences, that's just the way I talk!

This interview is apart of a program called Quilter's Save Our Stories. This program "creates, through recorded interviews, a broadly accessible body of information concerning quiltmaking, both present-day and in living memory, for scholarship and exhibition." (A.A.Q)
This is an ongoing project and you can get involved! Click here to learn more about the Save Our Stories program and see a list of all the new quilts recently added to the archive.

Now lets get an update on the Beginner Free Motion Quilting Fillers DVD.

I know I had sworn this would be a quick project, finishing up easily in July, but that lets you know just how blindly optimistic I can be!

There have been a few setbacks and I finally bit the bullet and hired a professional to help me produce the master DVD.

The great news is this will speed all my future DVD projects up by quite a margin, but of course the bad news is we had to figure everything out about what file types to use, how to send them, and what looks best all with this project!

So it's taken longer than expected, but I'd rather take a bit longer to produce it and end up with a high quality, long lasting DVD, than a project I'm embarrassed by in 2 years.

Today I'm busy reproducing the files into another, higher quality file type and will send them to my DVD person this evening. I'm hoping to have the master disc sometime next week and to officially launch the DVD by mid-August.

UPDATE: The DVD is now available. Click here to check it out!

So that's it for this update day! I'm off to get back to work on all these projects and hopefully get upstairs to quilt on the new machine by the end of the day.

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. Leah,

    I am so very happy for you. I've followed your blog for quite a while now. I love your openness and your willingness to share. I know you have worked very hard to make your business a success, and I wish you only the best!!!

  2. Well done Leah on everything you've achieved in recent weeks - in some ways what you've done recently has really allowed your creativity to flow, and flow and flow but please remember to take a little time for you and yours

  3. WOW! What a busy woman you are. And yet, you manage to inspire us without even trying! Good work Leah, and remember that we will be standing right behind you all the way, what ever the challenges you face!

  4. One day at a time.
    And on days when one day seems like too much, then think
    One breath (or project) at a time.
    It seems simple and basic, but lots of times it helps to just pause
    and remember:
    One breath at a time.

    You're doing GREAT Leah!

  5. Hello Leah, I just got done reading your interview with Alliance for American Quilts. It was great:) I thought you had a lot of great thoughts and good pointers. The last question you did "Do you meet a lot of other quilters your age" you answered it great. im only 25 and i come a cross this alot. It is hard for me to go to a quilt guild and really fell at ease. So thank you for sharing and making me feel at ease that im not the only young one out there lol.
    Glenda V.


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