The Free Motion Quilting Project: Invisigrip!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay! I'm back from Greensboro and catching up on some posts and emails. While Josh originally posted this Feature Friday about Invisi Grip, he admitted honestly to me that he didn't really know what to say, so allow me to explain a bit better!

Invisi Grip is really the perfect name for a wonderful product. It's an invisible film or vinyl that sticks to the back of your ruler and helps it to grip your fabric, hence the name Invisi Grip!

More than anything else, making sure your rulers don't slip while cutting fabric (especially strips) is key to not only precise cutting, but also piecing.

I know when I first started quilting, I didn't really understand a rotary cutter and ruler system. I figured this was exactly like garment sewing, where if you give or take 1/4" you're not going to ruin the project.

Fast forward to a few years, and now I know that even being 1/8" off in your fabric cutting can seriously mess up a quilt top. That's really the difference between matching seams and non-matching seams!

As I say numerous times in the ebook How to Piece Perfect Quilts, creating accurately pieced quilts starts not with the piecing, but with the fabric preparation and cutting.

So here's a video I've created explaining how to use Invisi Grip and how to cut it to fit your rulers. It's very easy and just in case you can't see the video, instructions are included below:

Click here if the Video Does Not Appear

To cut Invisi Grip for your ruler, first lay your ruler over the Invisi Grip sheet, positioning the ruler so that 1/4" is off the ruler on one long side and one short side.

Using your multi-purpose rotary cutter (not the one you use for fabric, but the one you use for everything else) cut the piece of Invisi Grip through the vinyl and paper.

Remove the vinyl from the paper and position it on the back 1/8" from the edges of the ruler. Smooth it out with your hands and you're ready to cut!

If you ever decide to change brands of rulers, you can always pull the Invisi Grip off and stick it on another ruler. You can also reposition as many times as you need because this is a vinyl and not a sticky sticker.

One roll of Invisi Grip is 12.5" wide x 1 yard which is actually enough to cover 5 of the most popular ruler sizes!

So if you've been struggling to cut fabric accurately because your ruler keeps slipping or your sick of trying to see through those sandpaper dots, maybe it's time to give this Invisi Grip a try!

Let's Go Quilt,

Leah Day


  1. I put Invisigrip on my rulers when I first started quilting more than 8 years ago and it's still there. It lasts for ever. To make sure I didn't waste it I laid the whole roll out on my cutting mat and placed rulers on top of it, placing them like puzzle pieces, until as much of the Invisigrip was cover as possible. Run on sentence, but I hope it explains the process. I then took a digital picture and removed the smaller rulers, and started cutting for the largest ruler

  2. I think that I have to try invisigrip on my rulers. I have used the stick on sand paper dots and find that the ruler still slips. So another order to place. In a previous video, you had suggested making 4" coasters for Christmas gifts using different designs. What a great idea. I know I will be able to get several of these finished in time. I am always behind in getting gifts finished in time. I can not bring myself to start in the middle of summer. Has to be cold outside.

  3. Hey now. I liked Josh's intro. I'd especially like to know more about his use of polygonal-shaped batting for filtration in his tanks.


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