The Free Motion Quilting Project: What Leah's Working on Wednesday

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Leah's Working on Wednesday

A brief post today, but I have pictures of Leah's new studio!

Unfortunately, Leah is not quite done with her studio so these are some "in progress" photos.

free motion quilting | Leah Day
Her organized fabric hanging area. Rolled up designs are on the top to the left, and a Bernina and a surger are the two machines at the center.

free motion quilting | Leah Day
Leah's Janome Horizon in her newly improved sewing station.

free motion quilting | Leah Day
This is a cutting table Leah is currently experimenting with. It's collapsible and easy to move, which is nice as this takes up a lot of real estate.

free motion quilting | Leah Day
This is a really neat idea Leah had for improving a fake wooden paneled wall. It's fabric essentially basted and nailed to the wall. Note the upholstery studs in the upper right corner. This flowing design adds a unique element.

My ten gallon nano reef. Various corals including mushroom soft corals and an open brain coral in the center. The pink crust over most of the live rock is encrusting coralline algae, the most beneficial algae one could hope for in a captive reef.

The bright green grassy coral is green star polyps. This is a purple mat that grows over rocks and sand, and the green is the polyp which extends from the mat during the day. Also pictured is a crocea clam, two Hawaiian feather duster worms, and an orange stony polyped coral in the upper left.

free motion quilting | Leah Day
Finally we come to Sinkhole, which hangs in our dining room. You can really appreciate the 3D effect of depth as it catches the sunlight.

Speaking of Open Brain Corals, let's go back and look at the free motion filler design Brain Coral. This is also one of my favorites. It has such an organic quality about it that it almost looks alive.

Today's recipe is another crockpot recipe! It's going to dip into the 40s over the weekend, and that's a perfect time for a slow cooked beef roast.


1 onion, quartered
2-4 new potatoes, cut in half
1 cup shiitake or white button mushrooms
2-3 medium carrots, chopped
Salt and pepper and Italian seasoning to taste
2 Tbs olive oil
1 cup beer

Sear roast in cast iron pan for a few minutes with the olive oil. Add everything to crockpot and slow cook all day.



  1. Making progress in the studio. Looks tantalizing. So much potential there.

    Beautiful aquarium!

    And you cook too? Leah is a lucky gal. :-)

  2. Sinkhole is stunning.
    The studio looks great. A couple of questions though:
    What height is Leah's cuting table?
    Has Leah blogged about the Janome Horizon? I would love an assessment.

  3. Just happens that this quilter loves reef tanks! So thanks for sharing yours. I could watch these things for hours, but my local pet store frowns on that kind of thing! Did you know the Virginia aquarium supposedly now has a 9000 gallon reef tank?

    Having just reorganized my sewing room, I know Leah is loving it!

  4. Leah has posted about the Horizon! Look back through her posts!

  5. Polyquats, here's the link for Leah's detailed post about the Horizon:

  6. Sinkhole is awesome! How is this hung? It looks like it's suspended from a curtain rod, but how? Am always looking for EASY ways to hang quilts that don't involve rod pockets.
    KT. in MI

  7. Hey KT - Sinkhole is just a top right now (it's not quilted yet) so I've just thumb tacked it to the wall.

    It's a suitable way to hang a top if you want to display it, but do be careful. Try to place the pins very close to the edge so it doesn't make a noticeable hole in your quilt top.



  8. Leah, help!
    I am officially going through L.D. withdrawal and Friday Night Sew In is just not cutting it!
    Looking forward to you coming back real soon.

  9. Teresa - Ha ha! LD withdrawal - that's a riot!

    I'm back in action so definitely come back for another fix.

    Super thank you to everyone being so chill about me taking the week off!




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