The Free Motion Quilting Project: Day 249 - Pipe Maze

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 249 - Pipe Maze

Remember Mario Vine? This was a cool design posted awhile ago and inspired by the cartoony vines in Super Mario Brothers.

Here's another video game inspired design! In Super Mario Brothers 3, world 7-1 is just a huge maze of pipes that you have to jump and dodge your way through in order to get out. It's a challenging level to play, but it's not to tricky to stitch!

free motion quilting | Leah DayWhoa! Is it really Day 249 already? This project has certainly grown leaps and bounds and it's so nice to have so many designs to choose from.

To celebrate hitting the milestone of Day 250, we're planning a huge sale in the quilt shop starting next week! This is going to be one sale you don't want to miss!

Difficulty Level - Super Beginner. This is really a super easy design! It's a great design to practice straight lines and sharp angles, which can sometimes be tricky to keep straight and even.

Design Family - Overlapping. The really nice thing about these designs is their simple, no fuss quality. Cross your lines all you want, overlap your rectangles all over the place, and you still get an amazing texture.

Directional Texture - No Direction. This design doesn't have a lot of flashy movement, but it does fill your quilting space quickly and easily, which is very nice if you're in a hurry and need a design to work in a large scale that covers acres of space with every pass.

Suggestions for Use - Because this is such a simple, graphic design, I really think it'd be a great choice for a baby quilt. Piece up a quilt with bright colors and shapes and quilt it together with Pipe Maze for a fun, cuddly quilt that won't take forever to finish.

Back of Pipe Maze
free motion quilting | Leah DayFeel free to use this free motion quilting design in your quilts

Let's go Quilt!

Leah Day


  1. I really like this one! And thanks again for all of your designs and info. I really do appreciate all of your hard work and expertise!!

  2. That's so fun, and looks rather easy to complete. I think I need to try this one!

  3. Pipe maze has a very 1960's feel to it. It should go well with Amy Butler fabrics, which have a similar feel.

  4. This looks great and I hope it will be easy enough for my first ever big quilt :)
    Thanks for all the wonderful designs.

    1. I tried this one, and mine looked like rounded squared mostly, but hey, no one will know they were supposed to be rectangles!


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