The Free Motion Quilting Project: Day 253 - Java Stitch

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 253 - Java Stitch

Happy Valentine's Day! This is usually a day of chocolate, hugs, kisses, and silly cards. But this year I think we should add something new to Valentine's Day to make it extra special...

Coffee! Or to be more precise, this coffee inspired design called Java Stitch:

free motion quilting | Leah DayThis design is simply a combination of two of my favorites: Coffee Beans! and Poseidon's Eye. Swirl them together and add a dash of cream and you get the perfect design for any coffee, chocolate, or food inspired quilt!

Difficulty Level - Advanced. The trickiest part of this design is filling the circles with Coffee Beans. If the circle is really small, you'll really need to shrink down the oval bean shapes or simply cut them in half in order for them to fit. Just take it slow and don't freak out of every bean is perfect. After all, the coffee still tastes just fine no matter what the beans look like!

Design Family - Branching. I warned you that I was going to make a million variations of Poseidon's Eye! These designs usually work on any scale and in any area of your quilt, but I think Java Stitch will look better when stitched fairly densely. Coffee beans the size of golf balls might look a bit too weird.

Directional Texture - All Directions. How about a nice swirling mocha everyone? You can't escape the beautiful swirly texture, so make sure to place this design where you want a lot of pretty movement and thread play.

Suggestions for Use - I KNOW there have got to be some quilters out there with coffee, chocolate, or other sweet inspired quilts! I'd try using Java Stitch in the background or the sashing of some cute appliqued blocks. Sounds sweet!

Back of Java Stitch
free motion quilting | Leah DayFeel free to use this free motion quilting design in your quilts

Let's go Quilt!

Leah Day


  1. that is so much fun! your creativity blows me away. happy valentines day!

  2. I really like that design! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Please take some time to spend with hubby for valentine's!

  3. What a really great design! It is so generous of you to share all these videos and your endless makes me feel like I CAN do this too though I do need more practice.

    Thanks~ and happy love day to you!

  4. This opens a whole new chapter! I'm already thinking about things to fill Poseidon's eye with. Poseidon's eye is one of my favourites, so I'm sure I'll be using this pattern!

  5. This stitch is really cool, and it would look really great in a circle with just the one swirl!


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