The Free Motion Quilting Project: A Few Quilty Auctions

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Quilty Auctions

Yes! I have finally gotten all my stuff out of the quilting room, photographed, and up on Ebay!

These are items I've either been holding onto for years and years, waiting for divine inspiration to kick in and tell me what to do with it, or they're items I'm downsizing from the store.

Click here to see a list of all my auctions. My name on Ebay is Blindwithopeneye (a name that goes back to high school!)

So here is a short tour of the haul on Ebay:

Sewline Pencils - I've stopped carrying these in the quilt shop (mostly because they're a pain to stock), but I still had quite a few pencils and refills left over. I've put the leftovers together into kits so you can potentially get a pencil and several refill packs for a very nice price.

- I've amassed a fairly ridiculous collection of batting over the last few months! I've wanted to try out new things, but I get so worried it won't meet my expectations, I always end up going back to my standard Quilter's Dream Poly.

So I'm auctioning off some Soy Soft, Luna Loft, and Tuscany Collection battings in sets. They're all crib size and will be perfect to try on a small project just to see how the batting feels and works for you.

Knitting Machine - Yep, I've owned a Bond Knitting Machine for 7 years now. I really enjoyed being able to crack out a sweater in 1 day. Now I really don't have a place I can set this up, nor really the attention span to make sweaters when all I want to do is quilt!

The machine is still in great condition and comes with all kinds of extra tools and upgraded do-hickies. Maybe there is someone out there that's been looking for just this kind of thing for years, who knows?!

Cake Forms - Does anyone remember this great idea from last summer? For the record, it's still a great idea, it's just not legal to sell raffle tickets on a big ticket item unless you're a non-profit in my state.

So if you have a guild or another non-profit group, this would be a great way to run a raffle of fat quarters or quilty supplies. Or the more traditional use would be to use these as actual cake forms. Cover them all with frosting and you'll have a 32" tall beautiful, but totally inedible cake!

Random Fabric Precuts
- I've amassed another collection of precuts and finally this summer I rounded them all up into one bag and declared that if I hadn't used them by 2011, obviously I wasn't going to. They're all very cute prints and would look terrific in a scrappy quilt.

Bernina 807 Machine - I'm really clearing house now! I purchased this machine last year and after getting the Horizon, it just seems silly to have 4 machines.

This little guy is a real workhorse. It's the same size as the Bernina 830, but lighter and has fewer stitches. What it lacks in fancy stitches, it more than makes up for with quilting feet! I've hunted down 15 feet so you can free motion, and pintuck, and roll hems, and piece all on the same machine simply by changing out the feet.

I really haven't used this machine much this past year, and of course it is 30 - 40 years old and has had several owners so far. I'm selling it "as is" and generally after going through the mail, you should always have a machine serviced to make sure the timing hasn't been thrown off.

So that's it for this short tour! There's a total of 21 auctions online and you can Click here to see all of them.

It feels great to clean out all this stuff from the sewing room and know it's going to go to someone else who will use and enjoy it. I've started all of the auctions off at 1 penny, even the sewing machine just to make sure that everything sells this week and by next week I'll have a lot more space in my studio.

Which means I'll need to buy more fabric to fill it up! Ah! The endless cycles of quilters...

Let's go quilt,


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  1. I want that batting! But I've never won an eBay auction, and I get stressed out the last few minutes trying to compete.


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