The Free Motion Quilting Project: Queen Supreme Sliders

Friday, February 4, 2011

Queen Supreme Sliders

free motion quilting | Leah DayLast week I mentioned in the post on Free Motion Quilting Tools that we would soon be carrying the new Queen Sized Supreme Sliders in the quilt shop.

I'm so excited to announce that they will be in stock next week!

So what is a Queen Supreme Slider?

This is a slick Teflon coated sheet designed to cover your machine bed, table top, and feed dogs, making it much easier to move and position your quilt while free motion quilting.

free motion quilting | Leah DayIf you haven't heard of the Queen Supreme yet, it's basically exactly the same as the regular Supreme Slider, only much bigger!

The original Supreme Slider is measures 8" x 11.5" and the new Queen Supreme Slider is 11.5" x 17," covering more than double the space of the original.

The needle hole in this new Queen Supreme Slider is positioned just 7" from one side. This means that if your machine has a 7" throat space (harp space) or bigger, the Queen Supreme can fit on your machine.

So why would you want this bigger version?

Don't get me wrong, if you already have the original Supreme Slider and find that it's working great for you, please don't feel like you have to run off and get a Queen Supreme just because it's bigger.

I've been using the original for years and I know what a tremendous difference even this smaller slider can have for making free motion quilting easier and faster on a domestic machine.

But if you don't have a slider yet, and you do have a bigger machine, then the Queen Supreme is a better investment for your quilting setup.

It's just common sense: the more area your slick slider covers, the easier it will be to move and position your quilt, and the less strain put on your shoulders and arms.

Here's a video on the new Queen Supreme so you can see how it fits on my Janome Horizon:

Click here to learn more about the Queen Supreme Slider.

So that's it for this Feature Friday! It's a cold, wet day here in NC, so I'm headed into the studio to hopefully finish quilting the Australian Shadows quilt. It's been sitting on my table for too long!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Here's hoping that someday I get things sorted that my machine bed is level with the table top so I can use this slider - to help move that along I'm considering buying a drop leaf table and cutting a slot in the top to drop the machine into, now it's hunting time for a cheap table(that way I can pull it away from the wall to have more lay off space / support for the quilt, and if I can sort it out keep most of the front leaf so I've got additional support there too)

  2. Hi Leah
    Just to clarify, in today's blog 4th paragragh, did you mean to say that the Queen Supreme Slider will fit "if your throat plate is 7 inches" or BIGGER rather than 7" or smaller?

  3. Thanks for the catch Judy M! My silly brain reversed it!


  4. Hi Leah,
    I'm saving up for the Juki TL98(P) (here in NZ) , have you used the Queen supreme on it? (if you still have yours?) Thanks! :)

  5. Hey Leah,
    I've not had much time to FMQ on my new horizon, but what little I've done, I've found it glides much better than my older machine, even without the slider. I'm sure once I put in a bigger quilt to play with, I'll get my slider out.

    I have a question though, are you dropping the feed dogs on the Horizon or stitching with them up? I've been very impressed with the results I'm getting by dropping them compared to the old machine. Tension is awesome. Just curious what your experience has been. I've even been able to use different thread waits in top/bottom with great results. Something I wasn't able to achieve with the older machine.

    Quilting Gallery

  6. Hi Michele - I don't drop the feed dogs on my Horizon. Embarrassing to admit - I never actually read the manual to learn how!

    Generally I don't drop the feed dogs simply because I don't find it helps anything, if anything it hurts the stitch quality of what I'm working on.

    The only time I drop them is if the quilt feels like it's being squished by having them up, but even this could be fixed by adjusting your free motion foot. Right now the only machine I do it on is my Bernina Activa because I can't adjust the foot pressure or change the presser foot on that machine. Otherwise I'd probably leave the feed dogs up on that machine too.

    But if it's working for you to drop them, DROP THEM! Play with your machine and go with what works, not what a crazy guru like me says!




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