The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quilt Courtepointe Video

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quilt Courtepointe Video

I'm totally bushed after a wonderful weekend in Columbia, SC with the Greater Columbia Quilter's Guild. What a wonderful bunch of ladies!

So while I go throw myself in bed for hopefully a very long and restful sleep, please enjoy this awesome tribute to quilting video created by Gayle Thomas in 1996 and produced by the National Film Board of Canada:

Connie M sent me this last week and I've gotta say, quilting and Celtic music is the best combination in the world!

My favorite part was the Drunkards path. Which was yours?

I really love seeing all the blocks and how each builds and grows into the next. Patchwork is really what drew me to quilting in the beginning because it is such an open, limitless field to play in because we have literally hundreds, if not thousands, of possible quilt blocks created from simple combinations of squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds, and quarter circles.

I don't know about you, but this video is making me want to pull out my scraps, cut some simple shapes and piece, piece, piece some pretty colors together!

But for me that's going to have to happen tomorrow cause my eyes just aren't staying open a moment longer.

Let's go sleep!



  1. My daughter Cor, loved the music. She asked to hear more of it and wanted to dance to it. Bet my grandmother would be proud.

    Her fave part was the lone star and fans. Mine was also the drunken path. I've been wanting to do a drunken path for a long time. Like 9 years. Never made one. After seeing the video, maybe a project for this year.

  2. Absolutely mesmerizing! Do you mind if I share this? I would love for my flickr group to see it.

  3. What an awesome video.It's like having a digital design wall. What striking differences there are in just twisting, turning and opening up different designs! What a great way to help us imagine all the design possibilities in a simple block pattern!

  4. Very cool! I'd like to share this on my blog and link back to you. Okay? I am partial to the pinwheels and log cabins! I like how you could see one pattern morph into another. It gave me an appreciation about how these patterns are related to each other in ways I didn't understand before!

  5. Hey guys!

    The original video was found right here:

    They have share links and embedding code right below the video. Enjoy!



  6. Wow! This is terrific. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing this video Leah! If you read this place on the NFB(National Film Board) blog, they are amazed at the number of views the film has had in a week! Quilters, they are every where!

    They encourage us to share the video too.

    When you are at their site, take a moment to look at the lists of free movies , documentaries and videos they have on the site. Good to quilt to!


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