The Free Motion Quilting Project: Day 264 - Icicle Lights

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 264 - Icicle Lights

This always seems to happen - as soon as I get out of a holiday or time of year, new designs perfect for that season suddenly start popping into my head.

Case in point is this simple design I'm calling Icicle Lights. Wouldn't this make the perfect addition to a winter or holiday themed quilt?

free motion quilting | Leah DayLast night I lost track of time while quilting Hot Cast. I kept thinking "30 more minutes and I can finish this section!" I did that several times, not realizing how much time was passing.

When I finally came up to bed, I checked the clock and it was 6:15 am! I might as well have stayed up!

Difficulty Level - Beginner. This design does involve a lot of travel stitching, but don't let that intimidate you! Just take it slow and stay right on the line.

Design Family - Edge to Edge. This design works like Flowing Glass where you stitch from one edge into the center all along your quilting space, then travel stitch to the opposite edge and fill in the same way, matching up the star shapes so they interconnect together.

Directional Texture - 2 Directions. This design has a clear horizontal or vertical texture. Play with stitching both straight and wiggly lines for a slightly different effect.

Suggestions for Use - Here's a cool mix for a winter themed quilt: Blocks filled with Poinsettia, inner sashing filled with Chain of Holly Berries, and the outer sashing or borders filled with Icicle Lights. Sounds like a fun, festive quilt indeed!

Back of Icicle Lights
free motion quilting | Leah Day
Feel free to use this free motion filler designs in your quilts,
and make sure to tell your friends where you learned it.

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Leah Day


  1. I love it! I'm working on a snowflake block-of-the-month and will plan on using this in the filler blocks! Thanks!
    I also want to tell you how much I appreciate your site. Your designs are great and your videos are incredibly helpful. Thanks!

  2. What a lovely design, and one for the to do store

  3. I really like this one Leah! Of course I like real snow, so that makes sense.
    Had to laugh at your staying up until 6:15. Monday night I stayed up until 3:35 Tuesday Morning, sewing crumb/scrap blocks. Being about 25 years older than you it would be equivilent. My body (Wednesday morning after 7 more hours sleep) tells me it still isn't forgiving me. Hmmm, maybe it's kind of like dog years, lol.

  4. Awesome! I was just going throough your designs trying to decide on one for a Christmas quilt I just finished. this will be perfect! thanks!!!

  5. Oooh, I like this one! I'm regularly up past 3am quilting (it's 2am now) and one morning I was just turning the light off when my husband's alarm came on! I hope you're not too tired now.

  6. That is really cute! Leah--you're so gifted! I have enjoyed your blog so much and your self published book is so handy! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I love this one!

    Have you designed any other snow/ice related fillers? I need something to evoke "snow", and all my experiments are hexagon or rhombus based, which are tricky. I love how "Icicle Lights" evokes ice crystals without using a hexagonal grid.

  8. I like this one a lot, simple but very effective, my favorite combination.

  9. Wow Great! Now what else could be used instead of the stars?? Five-sided stars, - spirals - crosses - flames. This entire project has been so inspiring. Love to get the creative juices flowing.

  10. I love Debbie's take on your late night! I was thinking I do the same thing, but 1 or 2 am is my limit. With my 1,4, and 6 y.o. kids, if I stayed up 'til 6, I'd have to just stay up---and boy would it be ugly at my house!

    But thank God for the late night quilting that keeps me sane.

    Now that you've immortalized your Icicle Lights on the web, maybe you'll find it next fall for a timely project.


  11. I am working on a Halloween table runner, and am a beginner free motion quilter. Just upgraded my machine for my 40th bday (yesterday)and started looking around online for ideas and was amazed and thankful to find you on you tube, and then your blogsite. THANK YOU.

    I used your videos and stippled in the background of my witch and pumpkin blocks, and a very elongated pointed stippling vertically to define the pumpkin "sections". I used spiderwebs in the wider center stashing, and I have my own crazy dangley spiders attached. Saw this icicle lights idea - and think I will think of them as my mini dangle spiders for the skinnier outside sashing. THANK YOU again. With three kids under 7 I can relate with your story and appreciate the determination it took to get this far. sincerely, laura

  12. THANK YOU! I just upgraded my machine for my 40th bday and have found everything I needed, at a beginning free motion level, for my Halloween table runner! I used your spider webs, although I used a right angle and only two more spines to swag the web through to simplify it. Then used stippling in background through out. Cucumber vines for curly witches hair in my witches block. Pumpkin block has pointy elongated curved ( ) stipling to echo the idea of pumpkin sections. And now I have found these icicle lights that will make great dangley spiders ---* in my 2 inch outer border. Precious and just the inspiration I needed.


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