The Free Motion Quilting Project: A Great Idea for Guilds

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Great Idea for Guilds

Recently I received an interesting request:
My request! I belong to "St. Andrews Bay Quilters' Guild" ( We have a newsletter we publish each month which we mail to members but also have a shortened version posted online.

I would love to put:

(1) "Leah's Advice" in the newsletter (with your website address),

(2) A description of your 365 day project and then,

(3) Post one, or maybe even a couple, of your samples every month and post your web address along side.

I was thinking a beginner design, with the web address, so they can watch your video on that design, an intermediate design, an advanced design and any other distinctive category you think would be useful. I think this would really encourage our members to try machine quilting, obviously, and also get the "Meandering" queens to move to the next level.

I think this would be a really big help and enjoyment for our guild and a whole new audience for you. I didn't think to first ask if you already have something like the plan above set up for Quilt Guilds. If so please let me know.

Thank you both for continuing this project. I never thought I would get any use out of reading a blog. Now here I am.

Carolyn S.
Panama City, FL
I've got to be honest - this request really made my day! I love free motion quilting and designing new quilts, and I especially love sharing it with everyone through this blog. It's just so wonderful to know how much quilters appreciate it and want to share it with one another as well!

My response to Carolyn was fast and emphatic:
Yes, you absolutely have my permission to use photos of the designs from the Free Motion Quilting Project in your newsletter and to share the content (words, links, etc) as well.

This is such a great idea, I think I'll blog about it today and share it with everyone!
So here's the deal:

If you are involved with a Quilt Guild or similar quilting group or organization, you are welcome to share any of the designs from The Free Motion Quilting Project in your guild newsletter.

You can easily download the images (some are better than others), and copy and paste the design information, and print them in your print or online newsletters.

All I ask in return is you simply include one of these two website addresses: 

I know from experience that the most fruitful and inspirational place for quilting is usually found in a quilt guild. I wanted to quilt for years as a kid, but never had access to the right tools, books, or teachers.

It wasn't until I was 21 years old that I finally connected with my first quilt guild in Asheville, NC, where I found amazing talent, truckloads of inspiration, and an overwhelming wealth of sharing and learning.

I truly believe I would not be a quilter today if I hadn't joined that guild! I truly hope ya'll will enjoy sharing the designs from the project and challenge one another to stitch a few new designs each month.

Also, I know this is very, very long overdue - I've finally gotten the The Free Motion Quilting Project Flickr group account set up!

I still don't have all the photos up, and, no, they are not all tagged. Tagging everything is turning into a huge ordeal. With more than 250 designs, it's extremely time consuming to tag everything with the name, design type, directional texture, and difficulty level, and this is why it's taken me so long to get this ready.

Rather than wait and wait and wait to launch this until everything is perfectly tagged and uploaded, I'm just launching it now as is. Not all the photos are up, but you can sort through, tag them yourself, and have fun with them as is!

So please upload and share your own photos of the designs! Post any questions, suggestions for new designs, or cool ideas you'd like to share in the group discussion area. Have fun, share, and enjoy! Click Here to join the Free Motion Quilting Project Flickr group.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Thanks Leah! I am also in a small guild and many of our members are just starting to get into machine quilting, so with this permission, I will also reference your blog and simple quilting ideas in our Newsletter. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing!

    Mount Vernon, NY

  2. Very generous of you, Leah! Good on you! I appreciate my guild, blog buddies, and resources like yours so much. Thanks!

  3. How generous of you! I am newsletter editor for the Annapolis Quilt Guild and I would love to showcase some of your designs. Thank you.

  4. hehehe - you wrote, "wasn't until I was 21 that I joined the guild". ; ) That's very early in life I'd say! : ) Congrats on all the advertisement! Dedication & hard work pays off.
    : )

  5. Super super super idea! I am responsible for our guild newsletter and would love to be able to include something like this on an ongoing basis. I do include a book or website review most months, and can't believe it didn't occur to me to do a feature that could span several issues! I am a beginner/intermediate quilter (really I've decided I'm a piecer, since I have so many tops and they are not yet quilted!), and am trying to learn more about machine quilting, so love your blog! Tons of useful info, and your readers get the sense that they really get to know you as well. Great inspiration, and keep up the awesome work!

  6. Wow I just got back from the sit n stitch and Carolyn was sitting next to me. I am also in the SABQG!!! Wow, what a small world! Your name always pop up at sit n stitch and the monthly meetings too.

  7. I'm hoping to post about a quilt along on my blog and would love to link back to some of your FMQ patterns the up and coming panel 'competition' etc, as part of the quilt along to inspire quilters to test, develop and improve their skills - would I have your permission to do this.
    A post re the quilt along theme etc will be made around the 15th March on my blog.

  8. I emailed this to our newsletter person, thanks!

  9. Ethne - Sounds like fun! Yes, you most definitely can use the designs for your own quilt along!



  10. Thanks Leah!!! I do the newsletter for my guild in Canada and will be adding links to and pics from your sites in our newsletter. We have a large group of machine quilters of all levels and I think this will certainly give them a boost. Your permission for allowing this is very much appreciated!

  11. What an awesome idea Carolyn and thank you Leah! I have been talking up your blog for some time Leah and posted your link in our guild newsletter a while ago. This will be a perfect addition, especially since we just had a FMQ class, so thank you once again. I used one of your stitches in a quilt that I just donated to the Alliance.


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