The Free Motion Quilting Project: More Pics of Daisy

Friday, March 4, 2011

More Pics of Daisy

Today is Feature Friday and I've spent the day shooting a few new photos of From Daisy to Paisley, the book compiling 50 beginner quilting designs from this project.

I wanted to shoot a few new photos to put on the main page of the store so you can see what a few pages look like before you buy it. One of these days I'll learn how to code a "search inside" feature like amazon, but this will do for now!

This is a page showing the chapter start for Pivoting Designs and the next page is on Paisley. Each chapter starts by explaining how the designs in that group generally work, where they will fit best on your quilt, and it shows a little diagram of how the is formed step by step.

The main pages look like the Paisley page. I shared a photo of the design and below a short description of how to quilt it. Generally all the designs are started in the upper right hand corner of each block, so you should be able to trace the lines to get a feel for how they work.

Here's a shot of Overlapping Designs. I had a question today via email about what would be the absolute, positive most easy design to stitch for a beginner.

I think this has to be Overlapping Designs because you don't have to worry about anything other than forming the shape. Cross your lines all you want! Just focus on making the shapes and moving your quilt smoothly and evenly in free motion.

Too often beginners will get started with Stippling and think the only way to quilt is to NEVER CROSS YOUR LINES! This is unfortunate because there are HUNDREDS of designs that require crossing your lines or travel stitching right on top of a previous line.

Stippling is just one design that has that funky rule, but that doesn't mean it's the only way to free motion quilt!

Here's a shot of two Center Fill Designs. Loopy Flower is one of the most popular in classes because it's so pretty. Stomach Lining is not so popular - maybe because of the name?

Taking all of these photos was really helpful today because I've also decided to participate in the Quilting Gallery Quilter's Market. This is a place where quilt shops, designers, and pattern makers can list the items they produce with photos and links.

If you're a pattern maker or self publisher, consider listing your books here too! It's a good way to get a little more traffic and visibility going to your site. I plan to list all my self published books, DVDs, and patterns here soon.

So that's it for this Feature Friday! If you don't already have a copy of From Daisy to Paisley, click here to pick up one now! They're currently on sale for $14.95.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. hmmmm, I was thinking that Stomach Lining looks like that ribbon candy you can get at Christmas.
    Love your stuff. I will have to get your book.

  2. I am enjoying the book. Practicing with my drawing and waiting for my machine to get fixed. Great book.

  3. Woohoo!!! I free-motioned yesterday at our guild's retreat, and IT WAS AWESOME!!!

    I've struggled over the years to overcome a deeply-instilled perfection demand (really, is there anything more stifling than that???).

    I sat in that quilt-as-you-go class, looking at my central block, envisioning exactly what quilting I wanted and how perfect I wanted it, and then I thought of all the Leah Inspiration I've been soaking up the past few months, and thought, "This is it! We are letting go, and we are going to just race around having fun, following the mental image, but embracing spontaneity instead of perfection. And you know what? OH MY GOSH, WAS IT FUN!!! And know what else? It's so totally not perfect, but I TRULY LOVE IT!!

    Thanks, Leah. :) Love you girl, even though I've never met you!

  4. Your photos look awesome Leah .. very smart idea to include them.

    Thanks so much for listing your book and DVD in my Quilter's Market and mentioning it here. I appreciate that.


  5. Leah, I have a question on your new book From Daisy to Paisley, Are any of them duplicates of your first 2 discs Beginner Basics? Also if I order the Daisy to Paisley to download can I download it from my computer to a USB scan GB transfer thing? I have forgotten what they are called..But I would rather put it to that than leave it on my computer incase my PC crashed.

    I got your first 2 disks when you had one of them that didn't "take" & you had to send it to me again. (it only went part way into the setting up the quilt & tables. ) You didn't have a book then. So I'd like to know which onoes you have would NOT be doubles?
    thanks Sylvia

  6. Hi Sylvia,

    None of the designs shared in the Daisy to Paisley book were in either Volume 1 or 2. They're different designs and organized very nicely by their filler design type.

    As for downloading it - yes, you can download the PDF and put a copy onto a flash drive or burn a CD to store the file. That is a great way to ensure you won't lose it if something happens to your computer.


    Leah Day


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