The Free Motion Quilting Project: Videocast #1 - Trying something new!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Videocast #1 - Trying something new!

Today is What's Leah Working on Wednesday and I've decided to mix things up a bit by filming a videocast. This is a short film of me talking about the designs that have been posted this week, showing you what I'm working on in the studio, and what's going on around the house.

Regardomg the two designs in the video, you can learn more about them:

Echo Shortcut - Excellent design for All-Over style quilting, or to fill in small, tight areas of your quilt. It works on any scale and quilts up much faster than Echo Shell, the design it was inspired by.

Wiggly Woven Lines - This is an excellent design for the sashing or borders of your quilt. A quilter named Joyce asked how I would work this design around corners, so I stitched another small sample to show you two different ways of dealing with corners:

free motion quilting | Leah DayThe first, outer corner is create by spacing your wiggly triangles so you're at the upper side of the sashing as you turn the corner. Just wiggly across, creating a small triangle in the corner, then continue creating wiggly triangles down the other way.

While this method works, I personally like the second version better. In this situation I started in the corner, wiggling straight from corner to corner, then stitched off in one direction down the sashing with my wiggly triangles, filled them as I came back, then stitched off in the other direction.

I think this works a bit better and has a nicer look to it, but that's just my opinion! Just so this information is easy to find, I'll make sure to add it to the Wiggly Woven Lines page as well.

Now Hot Cast is still on the tables this morning because I haven't managed to quilt out or buy more pins. With more than 2000 pins in this house (somewhere) I know I'm getting pretty ridiculous with the number of projects I've basted, but not quilted.

I'm also in the mood to get a few of these UFOs finished and out in the house being used! I'm getting sick of walking next to piles of folded projects that I haven't touched in months.

I think it may be time for a UFO master stitch-a-thon. Basically I all do is lock myself downstairs and quilt, quilt, quilt until at least 3 UFOs are done. It's a great way to knock them out and reduce that pile significantly in just a few days.

I plan to do a separate post this evening just on Hot Cast and the changes that have been happening slowly, but steadily this month. Let's just say you will start seeing more of me, and not just my hands, in my videos from now on!

So that's it for today! I'm planning to send a newsletter out in the next few hours, so if you'd like to receive updates on the designs and articles I post weekly, just sign up in the upper right hand corner of this site.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Hi Leah,
    Thanks for the "wiggly corner" help.
    I too like the second sample more. It seems more balanced.
    Thanks again for all your ideas and inspiration.

  2. I enjoyed visiting your home and family. Plus, it was so much easier to see what you are doing in your studio with the video visit.

    Thanks for all you are doing for the quilting community.

  3. Love the video Leah! Hot Cast looks like it is coming along wonderfully. I'm digging that trapunto. One day I will be brave enough to try it.
    Chaucer is fabulous!

  4. This is awesome. I am so happy I found your blog. I need free motion quilting help/advice and it looks like I have found one talented artist who can coach me through this.

  5. Fun to see this videoblog entry! I think I always come to your site to look around when I receive the emails - but since I'm doing the beginner designs I'm jumping around your posts. I really appreciate your project!

  6. Just wanted you to know I made your crockpot baby back ribs this weekend and they were GOOD! DH LOVED them (and he rarely loves anything I cook). Thank you somuch for the recipe!

  7. LOVE the new style video Leah! Chaucer is a hunk!

  8. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for the video. I like the way the corner works and will do this on my next quilt. Yes, I will practive first!

    Also, I wanted to tell you I still LOVE my new table. It is getting packed up now to go home, but because it is small enough I will likely bring it back to Texas next winter.
    Thanks again, Barb

  9. The video blog is GREAT. Thank you for sharing your amazing projects in progress, and the cozy, warm feeling of home and family--including gorgeous Chaucer!

  10. I enjoyed the vlog. Fun way to share what's going on.

  11. Hi Leah,

    I enjoyed you video. I especially liked seeing your current quilt in progress & even liked meeting the rooster & chicken :) The length was just right, since I tend to always be in a rush & usually ignore videos if they are more than 5-6 minutes long. Yours was just right! Hope you continue.
    Have you ever considered podcasting? Not that you need more to do in your very busy schedule, LOL

    Chester, NY

  12. I enjoyed seeing the video visit.

  13. Could you please discuss what sort of pins you like to use? I've currently used up all the pins in my house and so would like to buy some more, but if you have a suggestion that might help!
    I have learned a lot from your blog and videos. Thank you for all your posts! Such fun for an old (hand) quilter!

  14. A fun little video! Love the rooster!

  15. Hi Leah, Thanks so much for the video. I dig it. I just got a new smartphone high makes checking out your FANTASTIC blog so easy. So I like the wavy wiggly lines...but am curious to see it in a true sashing look (crossing in the center of an intersection). Im so timid to do free motion but the boldness is beginning tobuild :)

  16. I really love this new video blog! The computer is a great tool but can feel rather impersonal. You make it feel like we're chatting face to face. Thank you for the work you do.

  17. Leah,
    Am enjoying your site sooooo much. Thanks for sharing your talent and so much more with us.
    I went to ebay and there was nothing under your name. Hope this means all was sold but maybe I'm missing something.
    (first post, hopefully not the last.)

  18. I LOVE your blog and tutorials! I am a very visual learner, and I finally GET free motion quilting because of your presentations! I am thrilled when I sit down at my machine and just do what you tell me to! It works! Keep them coming....I'm a steadfast supporter of you:)


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