The Free Motion Quilting Project: Videocast #6 - Spring Flowers

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Videocast #6 - Spring Flowers

Today has been super busy, starting with a terrific yoga class, followed by several hours online working on the sites. Sometimes I swear my computer is a monster that eats all my time to quilt!

But did get into the studio today to shoot this quick videocast:

Click Here if the Video Does Not Appear

In the video I mentioned Lollipop Flower, which was inspired by Lollipop Chain, and Butterfly Feather Flower, which is a variation of Butterfly Feathers.

I also mentioned using Gentle Flames and Pebbling in Hot Cast.

So this week we've really just created flower designs out of regular designs from the project. I wonder how many flowers we could make just by taking other designs and stitching them from the center?

I also shared Hot Cast and you can see how pretty she's looking. Keep in mind that she's still at least a month from being completed. I still need to soak, block, bind, paint, and maybe hand couch decorative threads over the surface.

While it might seem like I'm going a tad far with this quilt, I have to say that I'm absolutely loving it! I've finally broken through the constant urge to rush, rush, rush, and I'm slowing down to enjoy the process.

This past week, I learned another important lesson about rushing through projects. Usually my brain says something like this:

"You have GOT to FINISH this quilt right NOW because you have other things to do! You need to get her done so that you can do x, y, z, which is more important!"

Do you ever struggle with this? The feeling that you can't work on something else because you have a big quilt on your machine, or on your design wall?

My biggest fear is that by setting a project aside for a few days, it will become a UFO because I won't return to it. Distraction is a fact of life, true, but I'm now trying to learn how to balance several projects at once without feeling like the sky is falling.

Case in point is my Supernova Quilt Along blocks. I should have gotten started on them last week, but I got so stressed out by the idea of kicking Hot Cast off my table. I finally took a hard look at how I was feeling and said enough is enough! Those blocks will be pieced TONIGHT!

There are so many ideas I want to play with, so many techniques I just want to experiment with on a small scale (like a 4" block), but I never allow myself that freedom because I'm always fully occupied by a big quilt project.

Maybe I should set aside a special day just for that? I've found that having a special day to videocast has been hugely helpful in so many ways (apart from making sure I'm wearing a clean shirt and my hair isn't standing on end).

So what if I set aside a special day like Experiment Sunday? Hmmm.... I'll just have to try it and see!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. As I've stated before, I'm a monogamous quilter. I don't have that many quilts going on at the same time. Swaps and QALs have changed things for me though and I'm having trouble spacing things out. I don't berate myself about finishing something when I'm in that relationship so maybe it's different. Take the time to get it right and enjoy it all.

    I just created a task list linked to my google calendar so I can schedule in all the small bits around the big ones. I'll see if that works come May.

  2. Hot Cast is looking amazing. The trapunto effects are gorgeous. Wow. Makes me want to explore trapunto more.

  3. I love how Hot Cast is coming along - just gorgeous! I decided some time ago that I have too much rush rush rush at work, that I was going to try and take it slower with my quilting. I am, and I am thoroughly enjoying the process, but I still do find myself with too many swaps signed up for, and deadlines all coming at me. BUT - I am enjoying the process with each quilt or project, and my quilting has improved enormously!

  4. Your quilt is looking beautiful, Leah. I wish I could see it "in real life", to be able to appreciate the textures that get lost in photography.
    Was the very fine raised trapunto on the captals if the columns and rays of the sun/star done by the sew and clip away the batting technique or did you do the sewing of the pattern first, with a backing fabric, and the stuff the design from the back with strips/wool? My "fine" trapunto never looks as precise as yours seems to!

  5. Hi Xicapapoila - Great question! I created the trapunto by layering one layer of batting, then stitching the outline of the motifs I wanted puffy with water soluble thread. This acts like a place holder, holding the batting in place.

    Then you clip it all out, leaving only the batting in those areas you want to be extra puffy.

    Then you layer the quilt just like normal and quilt it with regular thread, making sure to quilt the outline of all the motifs a second time, and then densely fill the entire background area.

    If you don't densely fill, you won't get a good puff. I'll try to come up with a simple tutorial on this this week and post it next week on videocast #7.



  6. Wow, Leah! She's gorgeous.

    And i am so happy for you! I'm happy that you've slowed down and taught yourself to enjoy the process. I can tell by the way you smile when you touch it, and by the way you caress this quilt that you love it. You have pride in how it's coming. And i am so happy for you for that. You just don't know.
    Congratulations! It's wonderful when we grow.

  7. Hot Cast is beautiful. Love, love, love the trapunto. I'm really enjoying your podcasts. So very glad you started doing them. Looking forward to the next one!

  8. Hello Leah, thank you, your job ist a inspiration for mi.

    A kiss from Mari Angeles, (Granada, Spain).

  9. Leah--Hot Cast is looking great! Your work is truly beautiful! Thank you for taking time to show us your inspirational work! Hope you're having a fun weekend!

  10. It is wonderful. I'm a fan of your ability and your creation. Congratulations.

  11. I can't help but feel complete AWE when I watch your tutorials and the work and love you put into Hot Cast is so evident during and after! LOVE your tutorials. One day I will post something I have done, once I get a better hang of it!


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