The Free Motion Quilting Project: The Best Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Best Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! This special day is all about celebrating the art of motherhood, and I hope you have all had a beautiful, relaxing day.

Josh and James made it a super special weekend with a surprise trip to Lake Norman, NC where we found an excellent sushi-fusion restaurant called EeZ. The food was so great we went back for lunch today and hung out in the Fellton Park before heading back home.

It's also been a great weekend because I received a notice back from AQS that both Release Your Light and Winter Wonderland have been accepted into the Knoxville show!

Since the quilts have gotten in, I'm definitely planning to attend the show, and maybe take a few classes. All in all, it's a wonderful present to receive on Mother's Day!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Mother's Day!



  1. Great news that the quilts have been accepted!
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Leah!! Congrats on the quilts been both accepted into the Knoxville show!!! EXCELLANT!!! Yes, you definintly have to be there!!
    Sounds like you have had a couple great days - and Happy Mothers Day to you to!!

  3. Very cool about the Knoxville show. :D

  4. Congratulations Leah! You deserve it. What wonderful news to receive on Mother's Day......since I'm sure each of your quilts is like a baby to you.

    Chester, NY

  5. Congratulations, Leah! That is wonderful news. So glad you had such a nice Mother's day. You deserve it! Tell me, how exactly does one get a four year old to eat Asian/Fusion? My seventeen year old would think I was trying to punish him!

  6. Kwilt Noob - You'd never believe it, but James has eaten sushi since he was 2! I always have a vegetable roll with my eel roll and he would want to eat some too. Now when we eat sushi, he gets a shrimp tempura roll to himself!



  7. Congragulations! Hope to get to the show to see them.


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