The Free Motion Quilting Project: Thank You Patchwork Angels!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank You Patchwork Angels!

Yesterday Josh walked in with the mail and handed me a funny package. "Were you expecting something?" he asked.

"Not really..." I replied, wondering what this could be...

The return address label said South Africa... hmmm... I don't think I'm expecting anything from there...

As I opened the package out popped a magazine and a cut of fabric along with a card from the Patchwork Angels, a group of quilters from South Africa who were thanking me for creating the project and inspiring them to learn how to free motion quilt.

I can't tell you how absolutely touched I felt after reading the card, then the magazine article in Stitches member Netti Craythorne wrote about the Patchwork Angel's retreat where they were determined to learn how to free motion quilt.

Using videos from the free motion quilting project and 6" fabric squares, the Angels set out to tackle free motion quilting over a 3 day retreat. While it sounds like Henna Foofy gave many fits, several other designs were named and it sounds like ya'll had a great time playing together in Vaal Dam!

I just wanted all of you to know how much I appreciated receiving the magazine and fabric gift! The magazine is simply awesome with terrific projects for fabric, crochet, knitting, and quilting.

I especially liked the article on making a Voortrekker Meisie doll (words I had to google!), and an article on shadow work that began with the best line "I don't do minimalism. I don't see the point." Words after my own heart!

I'm still thinking about what I'd like to do with the fabric which is printed with rectangular blocks of different flowers. Many fun possibilities there!

So thank you again Patchwork Angels! It's easy to forget sometimes now that I'm not traveling just how many people I'm reaching online. While I might never meet you all in person, I felt like I'd been apart of a fun party nonetheless!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Wow, what a great little story! It must be great to hear of things like this!

  2. Those panels would make lovely place mats.

  3. Dear Leah,
    I too, have come to "know" you because of your blog & your super free motion quilting skills! I just ordered your book & look forward to more publications. Hot wishes from Dubai !

  4. Oh superb - and I bet you had fun typing in the Afrikaans words - gosh it's over 30 years since we lived in RSA but some of the phrases still stick
    and there you go more confirmation that what your are doing is making a BIG mark in the quilting / internet world - thank you

  5. Hi Leah.

    You deserve this gift and many more. Many fond of patchwork have taught us that we should not be an expert to make a nice pad that not only can the typical stippling drawing. Have taught us that we can do anything you can think of. And this is much appreciated.


    Greetings from Granada, Spain. From
    Patchwork from the Alpujarra "


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