The Free Motion Quilting Project: Awesome Finish

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awesome Finish

I've been working on this quilt on and off all summer and suddenly I looked at it one day last week and decided - You're getting finished, Buddy!

free motion quilting | Leah Day
free motion quilting | Leah DayJust two days of quilting later and I was finishing up the final blocks and sashing. All of the designs featured in this quilt will be in the new book From Feathers to Flames coming out soon.

Of course I filmed the quilting of each block of this quilt and those videos will now be edited into the Intermediate Free Motion Quilting Fillers DVD!

This DVD will feature 33 designs, ranging from beginner to intermediate level. What I like most about this DVD is you get to see me working on a real quilt. Some designs are filled in 4 inch blocks, but just as many are shown filling a sashing space around the blocks.

I hope this will help you see how these designs work in the sashing or borders of your quilts and allow you to start using designs in many different spaces.

Now that's one quilt finished and off my list! Now I'm heading back into the studio to see about finishing up some UFOs that have sat on the shelf, or under the table, a bit too long.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Great quilt
    greetings Judith

  2. Wow, what a beauty! Love the way the different stitches change the way the fabric looks. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  3. That's a cool way to showcase the designs you're sharing on here. I like it!

  4. This is beautifull :-)
    Love your quilting - it is so inspiering.

  5. That is a great motivator to quilt quilt a quilt.... how big is the finished quilt.....
    the centers 4 in?
    the boxes 3 inch?
    the sashings 2 in?

    or similar ratios?

    got to leave room for the after thoughts here.

  6. Wonderful job! The designs look great!

  7. Beautiful quilt, Leah! It showcases your free motion so well! Is it a wall hanging quilt or a practical quilt to use? If it is to use, does that density of quilting affect the comfort/"cuddliness" alot? Another quick question: did you quilt as you go and then join the blocks with the sashing or did you assemble the whole quilt top and then quilt it? The reason i ask is because I am doing some free motion on the border of a large quilt and not being able to manipulate the direction the qilt has under the machine is affecting the qulaity of my free motion stitching.

  8. Mimi - The center squares are 4 inches. They are each surrounded by 2 inch sashing (red), then 2 inch sashing (black) connects all the blocks together.

    Xicapapoila - This is intended as a wall hanging, so the quilting is on a 1/4" scale.

    If I was going to use this as a bed quilt I would have kept at least 1" between the lines of quilting so the feel wasn't so stiff.

    As for quilting it, yes, the whole quilt was connected together, basted, and quilted in one single piece. It is more challenging, but if you use a thinner batting, the bulk of the quilt can be greatly reduced.

    When working on your quilt, try pushing and squishing the bulk of the quilt so it is behind the machine or to the left. Rotate the quilt so it's in a better position for you to see and move it.

    Don't try quilting if it doesn't feel natural! You can always shift the quilt somehow to make it work better.

    Good luck!


  9. Super great job you did! I love the different textures created on the same fabric! Can not wait for your dvd!


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