The Free Motion Quilting Project: Transformation Challenge Finalists!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Transformation Challenge Finalists!

It's amazing how fast this year has flown by! Way back in January, I came up with this fun idea to see how ya'll would use the designs from this project in a small 9 inch by 12 inch quilt.

So many beautiful quilts were entered and it was very difficult to pick between them. Finally after much deliberation, Josh and I picked the following 14 beautiful quilts.

Make sure to click on each image to see a larger photo and the detailed stitching of each piece. Also click on the linked names or titles of the pieces to find these quilter's blogs or websites!

Monica Spicker - Seasonal Transformations
Helen Pedersen - Changes Teri Baker Gnaedinger - VanGogh Almond Blossom Transformed Annette Lanoux - Ahhh! Pleasure from Earth Trudy Rhoads - Diana's Transformation Carol Kolf - Transformation, From Bud to Flower Erilyn McMillan - A Chance Find and Entomologists' Delight Kristin Hoog - A Moment of Time Christine Moon - Whimsical Leaves Catherine Helen Parkinson - Cocooned Ellen K Brower Gately - Promise Annie Tokarz - Feeding Frenzy Amber Lippold - Circle of Ideas Rona Keith - Kowhaiwhai Transformations

Rona has posted a 4 part series on creating this quilt! Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

These images are just a sample of what is to come! Each finalist is now going to send in her quilt and I will have them all professionally photographed and share them with you, along with some more details about the quilt and the designs used in each.

Then will come the really hard part - picking just 8 winners that will combine together into a beautiful show quilt. It's going to be tough because I really love every single one of these already.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm feeling extremely inspired by all these gorgeous little quilts. Let's get into the sewing room and go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. I throughly enjoyed viewing and reading of the artist's creations. This Challenge was a wonderful idea Leah.

  2. They are all beautiful. But I do have a question. Is that steak and eggs?

    glen: LOL

  3. WOw! I can see why you love them all. They are amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness! These are all so amazing! Love, love, LOVE all of them.

  5. Wow! What a show of wonderful quilts - well done to one and all.

  6. I love following your blog, even though I have not yet quilted one of my own quilts. I have plans to in the future.

    I do hope you will encourage your CHALLENGE ENTRIES TO donate their projects to Ami Simm's Alzheimer ART QUILT INITIATIVE. The size is perfect to fit the priority mail envelope and I am sure the entries will be beautiful to raise a lot of money. Ami NEEDS more quilts to take to the HUSTON MARKET. She raised a lot of money there last year and would like to raise more.

    Read more information here:



  7. Hi Leah

    Thank you so much for orgainsing this awesome challenge. We are thrilled that 4 of the finalists come from New Zealand. Congratulations to all the other finalists.

    To QuiltSwissy
    Thanks for the laugh. I can certainly see why you think it is steak and eggs :-) It is supposed to be the sun and moon but, hey, I love steak and eggs, so it can be anything you like!

  8. Wow... see what you have inspired... Beautiful work.

  9. One of these quilters stated something about me, because I am a beginner quilter and could not complete a very complicated block. I was called a wannabe quilter and would never master the art of quilting. Needless to say another quilter found out about this statement and stated to me to never EVER let someone say that you can or cannot do something, if quilting is your passion then quilt, quilt, quilt. The mistakes that you make in one quilt will teach you how NOT to do something in the next quilt.

    I still screw up but I am not quitting!!!

  10. For any of the 9X12's that don't make it into 'the quilt' you can always donate them to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative's monthly auctions! They use them to raise money for research on a cure for Alzheimer's. Go to


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