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Friday, October 14, 2011

Small Quilt Hanging Clips

Recently I looked at my walls in my kitchen, bathroom, kid's room, and studio and thought - I need more quilts on the walls.

Keep in mind these are not huge walls - they're small spaces that will hold very small quilts (max around 15 inches wide).

But small quilts are very...well...small and lightweight. It seems like such a ridiculous amount of effort to install a curtain rod system and stitch a sleeve to these quilts when the space is so small and the quilt weights almost nothing.

So I started searching, and searching, and searching...and eventually found this!

This is wall clip created by Command 3M. Unfortunately it's not a very common item so I couldn't find it in any local stores and had to order it from

So I ordered several packs and they came yesterday and, to my absolute delight, they work perfectly to hold lightweight quilts on the wall securely!

Unfortunately they are quite ugly. As Josh said: "Nothing looks cheaper than that white plastic." so I pulled out my acrylic paint and painted a set black, which looked much better.

Then I remembered my Jacquard metallic paints and painted Pewter over the dried black acrylic to create a clip that almost looks metal!

free motion quilting | Leah DayThe best thing about these is the fact that they put no holes in the wall. They stick nicely with the adhesive strip, which can last for years if my other hooks in the house are any judge.

On the wall these look great and hang my small Words Have Weight quilt perfectly:

free motion quilting | Leah DayI think these clips would be perfect for quilt guilds holding shows in spaces where you can't hang quilts on the wall (can't drive nails) etc. It's absolutely perfect for hanging quilts in all those little nooks and crannies of your house that can't support a full hanging system. I know I'll use these in my studio as well to quickly clip up a quilt or fabric to look at it from far away.

Unfortunately it's very hard to find these clips on Command's website (it was buried in the hooks section) and the lack of stores carrying them makes me think the company really isn't supporting this particular product.

So here's a note for 3M just in case this random blog post ever reaches their product or marketing department:
Dear 3M,

Just to let you know, you are marketing this awesome clip product all wrong! This clip is essential to quilters and crafters, but should be packaged in sets of 2 (not 1) and it should come in all colors of the rainbow, or at least in the metal finishes you offer the hooks in.

If you make this change, put a photo of a quilt hanging from the clips on the package, and if you sell it through quilting / crafting distributors, you will have a solid product that all quilters want!
Wouldn't it be nice if this company actually listened? Oh well, I'm off to paint the rest of my clips and get a few more little quilts hanging on the wall.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. I find these in various colors (Including the silver if I'm not mistaken) at Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.

  2. Love the clips idea and strongly think you should write to 3M !! You might get commission!!

  3. I use the sticky foam things from 3M to hang up my small quilts. Purists would probably be worried about the glue eating into the back of the quilt but I've had a quilt that is about 4' by 3' hung up with several of the sticky things for over 10 years now. I've moved house a couple of times in that time and the strips come off the wall easily and don't seem to be damaging my quilt. I have to use new sticky strips each time. I find that if I attach them to the quilt first and leave overnight before attaching them to the wall, I can hang anything.
    Your pewter paint looks good though!

  4. I LOVE Command hooks. Hadn't seen these, but will be asking for them- or ordering online! You're right, they need to come in colors! The paint looks GREAT!

  5. Interesting to see if these last on your wall. I have concrete walls, high humidity in the summer and very dry in the winter. Every clip I've ever tried, including these ones, eventually falls off the wall. I have a really light quilt, no batting, I gave up trying to keep it on these walls here. I hope you have better luck with these. I have had some good luck with Velcro tho.

  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I live in the city where 3M home base is. I'll see what I can do. In the meantime - have you considered adding them to your store?

  8. I have been using the poster strips to hang things - they work especially well with things that aren't rectangular (like a Dresden plate). I haven't seen anything that makes me think that they are damaging the fabric or leaving a residue. It makes it easy to hang something, take it down and hang something else that is a slightly different size.

  9. so funny...i just posted about these clips today too...i moved into an apartment and they are perfect for everything...hanging quilts, dog leases, hand towels etc etc. i found mine at joann's in multi packs...and with a coupon...score! i totally agree that 3m should market them to the quilt community.

  10. I have been using these for a while and they are great. I painted them the same as the wall so they would disappear

  11. Awesome idea! I have been waiting for my husband to hang up my quilts for 4 years...I think he is procrastinating for a reason! Now I can move things around the way I want! So excited!!!!

  12. Great idea.....and you know corporate America, they are greedy robber barons who never listen to us poor folk!

    glen: so don't go giving them any ideas where they may profit!

  13. I saw them in a variety of colors at JoAnn's fabrics the other day. One of my quilt hangers uses these strips and they work great! I love them.

  14. Leah,

    I use the No See Um's quilt hanging system.

    It makes it look like the quilt is floating on the wall - no visible clips or rod to detract from your quilt. And it is adjustable and comes in different sizes. And no sticky anything on your quilt either.

    I would also like to say in defense of companies, not all of them are bad or greedy or stupid. People establish companies to make a product or provide a service. Fortunately we still have a (somewhat) free market system that allows people to choose where and what to buy or be a patron. Our very high standard of living and choice of products (including quilting) - we have the most variety and cheapest sources anywhere in the world, just ask any non US resident - is a direct result of our economic system including corporations. Not a perfect system but then why are so many people around the world trying and dying to come here?

    Until the US becomes socialist, there are still many opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish businesses and become successful. Look how many people have done it in the quilt world.

  15. SewMuch2Do - Yes, I saw the HangUps company, but this system still requires a hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt. For a quilt less than 20" stitching on a hanging sleeve seems like a waste of time.

    The point of the post wasn't to slam commercialism or US capitalism, but to point out an area where a bit corporate giant 3M) isn't fully utilizing or marketing a very good product.

    I have to agree with QuiltSwissy - if big companies spent more time talking to their customers, accepting, and learning from the feedback they get we'd all have access to even better products!



  16. Leah - For small wallhangings - I use some tiny brass safety pins, some twill tape, and a chopstick. You do need to put a nail in the wall - but no sewing is involved. I did a post here if you want to see -


  17. If they don't already have these products, your letter will likely get them to put some out as a pilot line-- 3m is a really proactive company and they're very responsive to their market.

  18. I sent your link to a relative that works at 3M.

  19. Leah, Try these quick clips by 3M Command #17505. They are clear and smaller and available through Amazon.

  20. I might add that I have used double sided Scotch tape on 'some' quilts successfully.


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