The Free Motion Quilting Project: Awesome New Logo!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Awesome New Logo!

Yes, I've finally done it! I've had my awesome graphic designer Emma Thomas McGinnis design a logo just for the Free Motion quilting project!

You can now grab a button of this cool logo to put on the side of your blog to share your love of the free motion quilting project. If you have a blog and are curious about doing this here are some simple steps:

1. Highlight the text in the box over here on the sidebar --------------------->

2. Hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and then hit C for copy.

3. Now go to your blog and click on "Design" and click "Add a gadget"

4. Select the gadget that takes HTML code.

5. Now hold down CTRL and hit V to paste the code into the HTML box.

6. Click "finish" and "save" and you're done!

Not only have you learned how to use a Grab a Button, you've also learned some shortcut keyboard commands!

Now I'm off to Greensboro, NC to welcome the newest member of our family! Kally is coming home!

Let's go quilt (or rescue a greyhound),

Leah Day


  1. I really like your new logo.

  2. Off to add it to my side bar and to spread the word more

  3. Grabbed your new Button! Thanks for all your designs you share.

  4. very cool logo! I just added it to my blog, thanks


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