The Free Motion Quilting Project: A Few Silly Stories

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Silly Stories

Life around here is never boring! After writing Thursday's post I headed downstairs to work on more designs and I broke my machine. Here's a video I created right after:

I figured that would be enough excitement for the week, but no...I decided Thursday night on the spur of the moment to stitch myself a new skirt. After finding this awesome set of skirt drafting tutorials from CrafttoVision, I designed and stitched a new skirt right before dinner.

I came upstairs brimming with excitement and yelled "Check out my new cool skirt!"

free motion quilting | Leah Day
And Josh replies "Who wallpapered your butt?"

Note: I seriously hope this doesn't offend Amy Butler who designed this fabric, but I literally laughed my butt off when he asked that. I absolutely love my skirt and plan to make more, wallpaper or not!

Let's go quilt!



  1. wallpaper is in girl. Love your skirt..if i were much thinner and looked that good in a skirt I would wear it too.
    As for your machine, you have a great outlook to be able to laugh and lucky you have a backup plan. Hope it doesn`t cost you too much to get it fast, your video was very cute. VBG

  2. LOL!! Girl, I almost fell off my chair I laughed so much!!! Thankyou for the laugh! I actually love your new skirt! Amy Butler fabric is gorgeous!!!

  3. WOW! You broke your machine? I'd be heart broken! But it gives me a chance to see your comments about working with the HD1000. I have been considering buying either that one or the HD3000. I would love to have the Horizon, but I'm afraid it's waaaaaaay out of my budget! And , be thankful you have a back-up machine so you can keep on stichin':)

  4. Yeah, sorry, not an Amy Butt-ler fan here, LOL!!!

  5. Only a husband who is VERY secure could pull off a comment like that lol ! I love the skirt. And yes, Amy Butler fabric rocks!

  6. I happen to like your skirt and AMy Butler...Sorry to read about your machine but so glad you have a back-up....I'll be seeing you then..

  7. You just got to love a husband that can make such jokes...
    Great skirt.

  8. It's so cute...and you have a lovely figure! My daughter would love that skirt (I don't wear them). Hope your Horizon isn't gone too long!

  9. Boys! Can't live with 'em can't shoot 'em! I love your skirt. Tell Josh we love him too, but he should stick to his recipes and save the fashion advice for the experts!

  10. That is funny!

    Thanks for your inspiration and the time you put into your tutorials. I am hoping to master FMQ in 2012 and started this weekend with your lesson from this week. Looking forward to learning and getting in there and practicing!

  11. I couldn't stop laughing !! but the wallpaper looks good on your butt! still ROFLOL

  12. Hi Leah,
    Talk about "machines" makes me happy. Why? I got my Bernina 185 in 2007. One might was my "dream machine." It did what I needed and more, general sewing, piecing, quilting and embroidery. It had enough "bell's and whistles" for me. Then earlier this year it broke down! To be without a sewing machine was like being without water. For me, quilting is what I do and doing it makes me happy. The Bernina went to the shop and I resurrected my first machine. The one that we got in 1970, my "Dressmaker." My husband bought it at the local Sears store it looks like a "Kenmore" other than it's blue not brown. Talk about a work horse it can sew over 8 layers of denim and show no signs of slowing down. I had forgotten how much I had loved this machine. It was simple to operate but.....sounded like a "thrashing machine." The noise was deafening.
    While the Bernina was in the shop the "sewing machine god" was very kind the Bernina could be fixed but it cost. Lots, no small change. The mother board was fried. Reality hit, like a brick. I could use the Bernina to do all my sewing again, or find a machine to do quilting and the hard stuff. I found my "Juki TL-2010 Q" on EBay for a little over 800. I'm so amazed with my Juki, it is quiet, smooth, has almost 9 inches from needle to harp edge. There is 7 and a half inches from base plate to the top of the harp. "Janome" presser feet work on it. For free motion the foot works very well with no modifications. The only issue I have is not being able to get a good view of where I am going while doing free motion. What I love the most is....."no bells, no whistles and yet it has everything I want and need in my general purpose machine. Needle down, feed dogs down, reverse, 0 stitch length all manual. If I had known about the "Supreme Slider" sooner we could have saved a lot of money and I would still have a large studio, one which wasn't filled with the longarm. I like being close to what I work on. Sitting down is the only way to get the precision I need on some of my work.
    And Leah. Love the skirt!


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