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Friday, March 2, 2012

Coming to Texas...

I bet this is a title of a country song: "comin' to Texas..." But what rhymes with Texas other than Lexus? LOL!

Anyway my ramblings are beside the point - I really am coming to the Lone Star state in April!

Specifically I'll be flying into Dallas, TX on April 5th with my dad and traveling to Mansfield, TX where most of my dad's family lives.

Why am I taking this trip? Because in 2010, my grandmother finally moved out of her huge rambling farmhouse in Asheboro, NC and moved all the way to Mansfield, TX to live with my aunt.

Her health hasn't been the best this winter so when Dad announced his trip I decided to tag along to see my grandmother one more time.

Is it not true that we value the people only after they're gone? My grandmother was a true caregiver and talented seamstress. She didn't make quilts when I was growing up, but she sewed me more polyester "slacks" to keep the bugs from eating my legs off than I care to remember.

To be honest, I didn't see her much in the last years she lived in Asheboro, but every time I came by she was always so happy to see me and my new family, ready to cook up a big meal to feed us, and always sorry if she didn't have at least a pound of cookies and sweets to fill us up with.

It will be very nice to see her again, finally meet a whole branch of my family I've never seen before, and visit part of the US I've traveled to twice, but both times don't count.

Just to clarify that sentence: the first time I came to TX was in 1984 when I was 6 months old and the second time in 1998 with marching band - bleh! No, both times definitely don't count.

But of course I'll have to stop in a quilt shop or two in Dallas, Mansfield, or any of the towns along the way. Does anyone have any suggestions???

I'm really looking forward to this trip in the spring and since I know many followers are also Texans (thinking of you Lane! Yes, YOU!), maybe we could meet up while I'm this far west.

And to clarify - no, I'm not planning on teaching any workshops, no, I'm not traveling anywhere else, and no, I'm not staging a year long tour of the whole US. I'm just going to TX and coming home, that's it!

Anyway, I'm just putting this news out there. Now I need to head down stairs to create a handwork project to keep me happy during the 2 hour flight. Grandmother's Flower Garden or Lone Star? Definitely a Lone Star!

Let's go quilt,



  1. Quilt country in lewisville right north of dallas

  2. If you feel like a trek up to Lewisville check out Quilt Country.

  3. If you feel like a trek up to Lewisville visit Quilt Country.

  4. I actually live in Mansfield, TX - it's odd to hear someone say they are coming here and not Ft. Worth or Arlington LOL. The only "craft" type store here is Michaels. There is a really nice, small one in in Burleson about 30 minutes away called Country Stitches. I do my quilt block of the month there. There is another one in Ft. Worth called Cabbage Rose, but it is a little farther away. I hope this helps!

  5. Exciting! I've been to TX! I am originally from Kansas (I know, long way from NYC - which is where I am now - actually NJ, but I commute to work everyday in NYC). My mouth is watering to think there are quilting stores everywhere there as opposed to NJ. And, seeing that you are a bit younger than I, I'm jealous that you got started earlier. My youngest grandmother would have turned 100 this year in October! Have fun! Blog about your adventures! Looking forward to reading about them!

  6. Have fun in my home state! I wish I still lived there. Try checking out the Ft. Worth Fabric Studio. BTW, today is Texas Independence Day! Remember the Alamo!

  7. The one that I frequent is Cabbage Rose just south of downtown Fort Worth. The Berry Patch Fabrics is another good one and it's probably the closest to where you'll be. Someone mentioned Fort Worth Fabric Studio, but I believe it's only an online store.
    There are a couple in Weatherford too, which is about 45 miles away from Mansfield (Weatherford is west of FW).
    Hope the weather is great for your visit. It's nice to visit family you haven't seen or even ever met.

  8. Wishing you a wonderful, memorable trip of family and fabric! ~ Jae

  9. I live 150 miles north, but my niece lives in Mansfield. On your NEXT trip to Texas... say maybe next year... I, and many others in the area, would LOVE to attend a workshop by YOU!! Do some groundwork this trip and ENLOY your FAMILY!!! Quilt Country on I-35E is the shop in the DFW area I visit most...

  10. I have only been to Texas one time.When I was 10, me my Grandma and Uncle Frank drove from Indiana to California. All I can remember is a lot of dessert, and a long, long, long drive through the state of Texas. Hope you are flying!

  11. You must check out The Quilt Asylum in McKinney just north of Dallas. Awesome shop!

  12. I see a couple have mentioned Quilt Country in Lewisville and you won't be that far from Ft. Worth and Cabbage Rose quilt store.

  13. Ooo go to Cabbage Rose. I live in Calif and when I visit my daughters in Texas, my friend takes me to Ft Worth and the Cabbage Rose.

  14. Wow, so glad you will be seeing your grandmother and other family. I live 4 hours south of Dallas, so that won't help you. But if you were coming to to the Houston area I would love to bum around the quilt stores here with you. Welcome to Texas :-)

  15. Lone Star House of Quilts in Arlington, TX. Great shop and Alice the owner is wonderful.

  16. Lone Star House of Quilts in Arlington is a shop you won't want to miss. Contact Alice, the owner. It is 30 minutes from Mansfield to the shop. I met a Mansfield quilter in the shop just last week.

  17. I hope you have a fun trip to our wonderful state. I wish I could travel to Mansfield to meet you. I live in East Texas and am 3-1/2 hours away from the Dallas area.

  18. The weather here sure is nice right now. I hope it is then too, isn't that Easter weekend?

  19. Hi Leah! Hope your trip is fabulous ~ a great time all around! I know you'll enjoy Texas! :o) The shops mentioned here are all marvelous to visit, you'd love them, and should you need anything from us (we are online-only), you can pick up your order to save on shipping costs! Might be an good excuse to go out for a drive. :o) Have a wonderful time!

    Warm regards,


  20. Regarding the whole cloth quilt project ... can I assume that the backing fabric is prepared the same way as the top fabric?

  21. Man!!! I am so upset I missed this post! I went through a time that I wasn't online much (health reasons tend to get in my way sometimes). I live in Dallas. Actually Mesquite which is a suburb of Dallas. Mansfield is actually closer to Ft Worth but still in my neck of the woods. I hate that I didn't know you were coming. It is so odd that you were here and I missed it!

    I owe so much to you Leah. It would have been nice to be able to show my appreciation somehow. I hope you at least had a nice trip.

    I guess I will have to just hope you come to Texas again sometime!

    Mesquite, TX

  22. Oh I wanted to add, as another poster said, it really would be wonderful if you were able to have a class here next time you come down. I have never been to one or even a quilt show. I think they have a huge one in Houston once a year. I just never can travel to it. You would think with Dallas being as large as it is there would be one here but none that I have ever heard of.

    If you decide to come again and have a class please please let us know.


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