The Free Motion Quilting Project: Ikea, Swedish Meatballs

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ikea, Swedish Meatballs

I hope everyone has had a good week. This is Josh subbing for Leah today, who is feeling quite a bit better. She's been working on some exciting things too, but I won't spoil the surprise. She'll tell you all about it next week for the Quilt Along!

I received an Email from Carol the other day, in response to Leah's entry on the Swedish furniture store Ikea. She pointed us to a great article with 50 ideas on how to use Ikea's products for efficient home organization:
Fifty Ikea "Hacks" to Transform Your Home Office
Whether you work at home every day, need a place to finish up projects from the office, or have to work on homework from college classes, having a comfortable and organized home office can be essential to getting ahead and maximizing productivity while you're working on just about anything. Luckily, there are many ways that you can create an amazing place to work in your home on a shoestring budget. Some of the best involve creatively repurposing items from Swedish home retailer Ikea. Read on to find some amazing ways to transform affordable Ikea items into a customized and comfortable additions to your home office that will make you happy to head into your home office.
(click here to read the article)
Thanks Carol for sending us the link!

And speaking of Ikea, I'm sure everyone who's paid the store a visit has eaten in one of the two or three restaurants and cafes featured inside, and that means you've most likely tried the meatballs. I'm addicted. I used to make them from scratch, but honestly the recipe was pretty consuming, and Ikea's frozen meatballs taste just as good. (Of course I still make the mashed potatoes myself--reheating frozen mashed potatoes is a foodie sin!)

However, if you want a stellar Swedish meatball recipe, you can't beat this one. I give you Alton Brown from Food TV's Good Eats:

(Go to mark 1:20 for the Swedish meatballs, or if you'd like to watch the entire episode, which is highly amusing, click here.)

And the full text of the recipe can be found here.

Enjoy the Ikea ideas and the meatballs! Leah will be back next week.

Let's go Cook,



  1. haha, well I don't like to cook, but I might have to since Josh said " Let's go cook!"

  2. Glad to hear Leah is on the road to recovery. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I do LOVE Ikea and their meatballs too :)

  3. I'm from Denmark and my meatballs are very similar, and so forgiving...breadcrumbs, half and half of two different meats, now I stay away from ground beef, just too dense, I found a pack called meatloaf and then with ground turkey or chicken is great. I add italian seasoning but whatever spices you have on hand are good, plus S&P of course, egg(s) milk, bread crumbs, onions and then I pan fry them the whole way thru.

  4. Thanks so much for the video link. The whole thing was entertaining with lots of yummy factor, but near the end was the 'piece de resistance'--when the knock came at the door. My mind immediately went 'Candygram,' and when I heard it on the video I yelped with laughter. So good to hear Leah's on the mend. Thanks for your post!

  5. You are killing me with those meatballs! I'm on a special diet for 3 more weeks. Have a super day!

  6. Sorry to hear Leah has been under the weather this week - when I didn't receive the weekly email I visited the site. Thanks, Josh for filling in for her.
    The meatball post was indeed hilarious and the recipe is definitely worth trying.

    Thanks for a good laugh!


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