The Free Motion Quilting Project: What's coming in the Quilt Along?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's coming in the Quilt Along?

The month of May is finishing up next week, which is making me think quite a lot about the Quilt Along and what we'll be working on between now and November.

Here's a few things I plan to teach in the coming months:

- Trapunto in a wholecloth
- More independent designs
- A fun quilt as you go project
- A fun applique project

But this is just what I'm thinking of.  What are you looking for or needing to learn from the Quilt Along this year?  What would be the most helpful things to learn between now and November?

Share your ideas and wishes in the comments below!  No promises that everything will be taught, but there's always next year!

Let's go quilt,



  1. That all sounds great! I can't think of anything else, right now. The biggest thing is to just keep practicing skills and pushing my comfort zone.

  2. Ooh, all of that sounds great to me. Looking forward to it. Thanks so much for all of the work you are putting into this!

  3. I qould love to learn how to do Invisible machine applique and then quilt it using tarpunto, that means nothing is fused.

  4. I think Trapunto would be fun to learn. I have seen a lot of beautiful quilts using this technique but have no idea how to do it myself. Can't wait!

  5. I really cant wait!! I like all your ideas for what you want to teach us. I would love to learn the 'The now sewing till you quilt method'... keeping in mind I live in South Africa, and not all the items are easily available.. I really like your "My cup runneth over" quilt, and would love to learn the technique...

  6. Oh Leah ~
    So much to look forward to :) Sounds like fun! finishing up a bedquilt using the quilt blocks first then put together later method :) Love it. 12 blocks done and squared up, now to make the borders this weekend. Will post photo's when done! Thanks for the quilt along Leah

  7. Thanks Leah - I've learned so much from you and I can't wait to carry on!

    I have two ideas/requests:

    1. Doodling. Maybe teach us how to combine different motif's in one quilt?

    2. What to quilt. Maybe several of us could send you pictures of quilt tops we have that we are stumped on how to quilt them and you could give your suggestions?

    Thanks again!

  8. I have literally taken May as vacation. My work just got so hectic haven't done any quilting. The baby started to take his first steps so that doesn't leave me any time for myself.

    I'm really excited to have the Quilt Along Wednesday's back. I really love stippling but feel that I have got a really good handle on it. Would love to learn other designs which are not related to stippling. The Applique quilt, whole cloth Trapunto work all sound great. I have quite a few ideas myself for Applique quilts for babies. So, this would be really fun.

    Thank you so much Leah taking the time for us :-).
    Quilty hugs,

  9. I really do hope you do the applique quilt along. I've only done a very small amount of applique and would love to learn your tips and techniques.



  10. Along with so many others I'm really excited about the applique project to!
    The trapunto seems a little intimidating so it will be interesting to learn more about it.
    I can't wait to see what is up next :) I love checking out your blog every wednesday, maybe I'll get brave enough to link up someday lol

  11. All these ideas sound fun and I will follow along.

  12. Hola Leah,
    todos los proyectos me parecen interesantes el trapunto con wholecloth, la aplicación, los diseños independientes...
    Ya estoy esperando el próximo miércoles y como bien dices, después de este año viene otro.
    Un beso.


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