The Free Motion Quilting Project: UFO Followup #6

Monday, October 1, 2012

UFO Followup #6

It's followup time and many quilters are needing help with different tricky UFOs!  The first is from The Knitting Quilter who is needing to bind this beautiful quilt:

Photo from The Knitting Quilter
How do you bind these weird points?

Full question: I have a question if anyone can help! My mum is currently working on a little table centre piece quilt and she sent me a pic of it. It's the sort of hexagonal pic at the bottom. The question is we like it with the point bits of the square sticking out to make it look hexagonal BUT how would you bind this??? We've both only ever done normal binding with 4 corners so we are a bit dubious of how to do it!

Ah!  Now this is fun!  I love funky corners like these because they're just so interesting in the finished quilt.

I've actually done this a few times myself, but the absolute best directions on how to handle inside and outside corners is Master quilter Sharon Schamber.

Here's her curved binding tutorials: Part 1 (the rest link to this one so you should be able to watch all 5 in sequence).  Sharon also has a DVD of these videos available right here.

But wait, I know you're thinking - this quilt has all STRAIGHT sides and Sharon's instructions are for CURVED binding.  Yes, but the fact is, turning those inside (concave) corners will still require the same set of steps. 

And make sure to follow every single step.  It's really easy to watch Sharon, who is so wonderfully detailed and clearly outlines every step methodically, but then go into your sewing room and think "I don't need to do all those steps!  It will be much easier this way...."

Trust me...I've thought those dangerous thoughts and proceeded to recklessly "do it my own way" only to find my best friend for the evening become a seam ripper and a pair of scissors to rip and cut out all the mistakes.

Save yourself a big headache and just follow her instructions to the letter.  Your binding will be absolutely perfect every single time.

Now let's help out Louisa Jones from Soliloquilt:

Will it matter if my quilting doesn't match the back?

Full question - If I have enough I was thinking of dividing the backing up into 4 or 6 with it too.
What are people's thoughts on something something like that? Does it matter, if I quilt the front in squares, if the quilting doesn't match up with the back?

Obviously Louisa is thinking of different ways to quilt her quilts, but struggling with the idea of the front design translating to the back of the quilt.

Yes, there is a certain joy in double sided quilts, but please, please, please don't drive yourself to UFO obsessive distraction with it.

Look at it this way - the back is the back is the back.  It is not the front.

It's going to be obvious to anyone holding your quilt which side is the "right side" so don't expend a huge amount of time worrying about what the back will look like.

Even if you piece the backs of your quilts (or better yet, use a second UFO quilt top for the back!) I don't think lines of quilting running over or around the pieced shapes are going to ruin the quilt or distract from any of those elements.

If anything, it will add an even funkier, more interesting texture over the surface!

Finally let's help out Laura from May Your Bobbin Always be Full.  She's having trouble finding just the right quilting design for her Christmas tree quilt:

Make sure to pop over to May Your Bobbin Always be Full and share you advice for quilting designs to use over this pretty tree. 

 Personally I'm like the idea of using Bubble Path over the light green lines in the tree and Swirling Water in the remaining areas.  In the off white background what about quilting the words of a favorite holiday song?

Make sure to check out all the linked up blogs from this week right here, comment, share your opinion, help out other quilters with their UFOs, and get ideas for busting through your own.

Speaking of UFO busting, I'd better get on the sewing machine to finish stitching one out myself!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. One of the blogs I follow had a great idea for her little kindergartner that was having trouble adjusting to school. I thought of you and James. Check it sweet

  2. I agree about the backing, I would say that using up scraps of fabric for the backing is a great stash busting idea and in fact you could end up with a surprise "isn't that lovely" result for the back quilting but even if it doesn't then well it doesn't matter.

    Note: Using scraps from stash is also a great way to create vibrant binding. I've done this for my last 4 quilts and it is amazing how "uglies" or what can I do this with can end up being a combination stunning binding

  3. Hi Leah thanks for the links to the binding tutorials I'll be studying those tomorrow and hopefully we'll manage it!! Thanks so much for your help x


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