The Free Motion Quilting Project: UFO Sunday #11 - Start the Day with Quilting

Sunday, November 4, 2012

UFO Sunday #11 - Start the Day with Quilting

It's UFO time and time for me to fess up about my lack of UFO work this week. Maybe I'm still mentally celebrating getting James's quilt completely quilted that I haven't yet realized that it still needs to be bound!

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So today my goal is to trim the edges and bind it. Unfortunately I've caught a weird color that not only makes my nose run like a faucet, I also feel weak and weird and don't want to lift my arms. Sooo...binding might have to wait.

But it begs some attention as to why this quilt hasn't been bound. What have I been doing all week?

And I can't help but blame my computer for all my UFO issues.

I swear my computer sucks me in, holds me hostage, and won't let my brain go until it's sucked every last inch of energy out from my eyeballs and fingertips.

Yeah, ew, that was gross...

So this week I'm taking a stand. As soon as I my nose stops running and my body feels back to 100%, I'm going to start a new routine - starting the day with quilting.

Before email, before blogging, before uploading photos, before touching a video, before facebook, or any other computer thing I have to check multiple times a day...I'm going to quilt. I might have to wake up earlier. I might have to give up extra sleep or coffee time, but ultimately more time on my sewing machine is the only way to spend more time quilting.

So here's to a better week accomplishing a bit more not just on the UFO front, but also quilting and creating in general!

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  1. Start the Day with Quilting sounds like a breakfast cereal ad, but you know, I LIKE it and am going to do that this week myself.

  2. I think I will take that pledge with you, and start the day knitting or sewing. The computer is such a needy thing, no? I'll start now, and go to bed this instant before I read another blog, write another post, etc.

  3. This past week seemed to do the same for me and throw in a couple major medical emergencies!!! However, my "normal" week/days have way too much 'puter time and....I'm with ya on this....I have determined to 'back away from the screen/keyboard!!!! My resolve begins in the a.m. I'm here for go girl!!! Yay team!!! Here's to us controlling the PC and not the other way around!!! Hugs, D

  4. I know what you mean about the computer sucking you in!! It happens to me a lot! Especially on the weekends when I have good chunks of sewing time! But if you need a break for a cold, I think everyone will forgive you;) I hope you aren't catching the flu!

  5. I hope you're feeling better. Your post really made me smile today. I got the biggest kick out of catching a weird color. Please don't change it, I know what you meant.

    But I've been giggling for 2 hours now. I keep thinking about getting ready to bind a quilt and realizing I've caught a weird color. Those weird colors will really knock you for a loop. Sorry, but you really did make my day. It's something I would totally say.

  6. I think your pledge is a terrific idea! What am I doing but sitting here reading when I could be quilting. However, I love your posts and rarely miss one!

  7. I've been quilting first thing in the morning ever since the days got shorter and the mornings too dark to go out in the garden.
    I'm loving it, and getting some sewing done. Many days it's the only sewing time I have.
    Haven't actually finished the UFO I've been after for weeks, but it's now basted and ready to quilt.
    Instead of quilting it I've been making more (quick) tops from the scraps and leftovers. I call them "clean-up" quilts, because I'm cleaning up my cutting table by using the bits and pieces.
    And next up is Christmas gifts, so I may not get any UFOs finished this month. Unless I use them for gifts, hmm...


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