The Free Motion Quilting Project: UFO Sunday - Clean up and Get Organized!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

UFO Sunday - Clean up and Get Organized!

It's the last UFO Sunday link up for 2012! How many UFOs have you managed to bust through this year?

I feel great about the many projects I've picked up and finally finished and the free, lighter feeling this has brought to my sewing room.

So today I'm taking my UFO busting attitude upstairs to the kitchen where a very serious unfinished project is in need of finishing:

free motion quilting | Leah Day
Cabinet organization!

Josh and I have been meaning to do this for many months and were about driven crazy by the state of our pantry this holiday. Cooking big meals when you can't find half your ingredients is a recipe for disaster!

So the two of us (with a bit of help from James) pulled out everything and put it on the floor of the dining room. It helps to SEE all of it in one place, and YIKES! we sure do have way too much stuff to go back in that cabinet!

free motion quilting | Leah Day

Part of this project will be cleaning out and moving canned goods to the basement or bagging them up to go to James's school for a food drive. The second part will be going to Lowes and finding a better system to store and organize all this stuff in that cabinet. I'm thinking it's time to pull out the drill and hammer and make some modifications!

So that's what we're busy with today. What are you working on? Let's link up with the latest UFOs you've worked through this week!

See ya next year!

Leah Day


  1. I'm huge into organizing and two of my biggest suggestions is to group things together in your pantry ie all the baking items together and if you have drawer space, put all your spices and other flavorings in that instead of on a shelf. I blogged about my spice drawer here It definitely makes finding what you need much easier and cooking in general is more enjoyable when I don't have to struggle to find what I want. Good luck!

  2. I finished 16 UFOs this fall and I'm very happy about that! I still have 78 to go... but I have a plan and will stay focused on reducing them. I finished everything I started this fall too (3 projects) so I'm confident that I've learned HOW to finish and can carry that forward. My kitchen also needs attention... January!

  3. I really need to do something like this. You are making me feel guilty..haha! Maybe I will make a New Year's resolution;)

  4. My sewing area was (and remains) the area to be cleaned/reorganized to be more 'user friendly'! I posted here ( ) some photos before I acquired the Sweet Sixteen longarm. Making room for that machine required another major clearing (evidenced here ). 2013 will be the year I pull from my 'stash' 90% of the time and purchase only those large pieces needed for borders/backings. Noble thoughts. Hugs, D

  5. We need to go through our pantry too, (3 rubermaid tubs). But instead we went through our refridgerator and tossed condiments and such that were out of date or half empty comtainers that had been there for goodness knows how long. It was amazing how empty our refridgerator was. Now, if only we could use that same energy for our 3 rubermaid tubs that count as our pantry!

  6. I had a wonderful time blogging about what I learned this year, which was a huge amount. Thank you for "pushing" us to take stock.

    As for your pantry, the problem is that you have shelves that are way too deep and no way to see what is in the back. And they are too far apart. You've already bought some sliding shelves, and you need more of them. I added sliding shelves to some of my cabinets this year and it has made a huge difference.


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