The Free Motion Quilting Project: UFO Sunday - Marathon Finish

Sunday, December 2, 2012

UFO Sunday - Marathon Finish

It's officially December. I'm not sure if I was fooling myself this year, thinking that somehow the holidays would be different, that this UFO program would somehow motivate me to finish many projects and open up the time and space to make gifts for everyone in my family.

Instead, it seems I've opened up the time and energy to simply finish the biggest and most involved projects of my life. That sounds a bit extreme....but honestly, I can pretty safely say that I will NEVER again quilt 365 separate squares and then bind them together again BY HAND.

Yes, I'm smiling. Yes, I'm happy. I'm happy because today I'm hosting a one-woman-all-day-butt-on-couch-hand-binding-marathon. By the end of this day, this project will have reached the next stage.

Why is this so important? Because I NEED to get through this stage. If it lasts even one day longer, this project is in trouble of becoming a lifelong UFO!

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, sit down and bust through a project. Just get it over with already! Just sit down, shut up, and do it!

It's really not so much difficulty with this as mind-numbingly boring and tedious. I mean, hand binding is really not knock-your-socks off exciting. The hardest part is just sitting with it through row after row of tiny stitches.

But that's what you have to do to finish a project like this. Stick with it! Keep going, keep stitching, keep moving, because if you stop, it's never gonna get done.

Now let's link up and see what UFOs you're busing through today!

Simple rules for UFO Sunday link up:

1. Post about a UFO you've been working on this week. A UFO is any project that you started and shelved at some point in the process. Projects from any craft (not just quilting) are welcome!

2. Make sure to share a link back to this UFO Sunday post or grab a button below to share.

3. Comment on at least 2 other linked up blogs. Help your fellow quilters work through a tricky part of their UFO by sharing your opinion and advice!

Let's go quilt!



  1. Oh Leah, not so sure you can just stop this project if not done today.... after all, "we" all have a vested interest in hundreds of those blocks, even if you get to keep the quilt. LOL.

    Interesting in another light, as this very day I took my star quilt and dumped it in the corner. Three large sections need hand sewing together and it has sat on the ironing - cutting board for weeks and weeks. Sure I have nudged it here and there to free a corner to press or cut. But as you mentioned it is December and time to get the Xmas projects finished. I guess it is time to put the star quilt back on the high table and sew sew sew. thanks for the nudge.

  2. But when it is finished and so beautiful you will be so glad you completed it. I know the frustration of a project like that, but once it is done it is something you will treasure forever!!! :) Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Hope all goes fine and you have a great week! :)

  4. Keep up the great work... i really want to see this through with you :-)

  5. You go girl. Hand stitching can be so boring. Try rewarding yourself, say at the end of every block you get an M&M or a fat free gummy bear. The right music helps too. Remember to get up and stretch, you will be even more refreshed when you sit back down. You can do it.


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