The Free Motion Quilting Project: Fun Chat with Pat Sloan

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun Chat with Pat Sloan

I'm still getting in and catching up with a pile of work I left last week, including taxes (uggh) and hopefully will find some time today to get into my sewing room and clean it up enough to FIND my table underneath.

But yesterday I had a wonderful chat with Pat Sloan on her American Patchwork and Quilting Radio Show all about batting and how much this effects your finished quilt. You can listen to the broadcast right here anytime!

What's really interesting about batting is it hardly ever gets the credit it deserves. This weekend at Sew South, Kim swung by my table to show an AWESOME quilt she'd quilted very densely with a lot of fills from this project.

But the coolest thing was the quilt wasn't stiff. It was super soft!

What was the secret? The batting!

So don't ever feel like you must quilt super big on a wide scale (which can feel very difficult on a domestic sewing machine). Go on ahead and quilt densely, get as many repetitions as you can within the space you're working with, and just be sure to use a batting that will take all that thread, suck it up, wrinkle into a soft rasin-like texture around it, and still be cuddly in the end!

And how to you KNOW what battings will do this? Test it!

Anyway, all this and more is in my chat with Pat, so definitely check out the podcast and listen in.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. Lovely chat. What is your opinion of wool batting? This seems to retain puff after washing and a good deal of drape/softness after washing. I've just sandwiched a quilt with bamboo and am very apprehensive about how thin it is. Actually I have to apologise to someone who stated just that about 6 months ago and I claimed that I was using bamboo and it was fluffy, obviously I thought I was buying bamboo but wasn't!


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