The Free Motion Quilting Project: Art Journaling: Spider Web

Monday, June 3, 2013

Art Journaling: Spider Web

I've been recently feeling the urge to push past my normal routine and try new things, new crafts, new techniques, and new ideas that will in turn cycle back into quilting. I found a local shop where you can paint ceramics, canvas, or fuse glass and tonight I took my first class in Art Journaling:

free motion quilting | Leah Day

The theme was spider webs, and it was super interesting to see how different students took the meaning positive or negative.

I choose to take a neutral position. A spider is neither good nor bad. It is a spider. I have been reading The Mastery of Love so this kind of logic is coming easy to me today!

What struck me most was the idea that things can get caught in a spider web, but things can also pass right through. I like this idea especially in relation to good and bad thoughts / memories.

I like the idea of hooking good memories into my web and letting all bad memories simply fly right through. What was that? Oh, I don't remember, it didn't get caught in my web.

I can't wait for my next journaling class! While paint isn't my normal medium, it's very freeing to just slap color on paper and make exactly what comes to mind in minutes. From now on I know spider webs will definitely feature in the backgrounds of my quilts!

Let's go quilt,



  1. Love the idea of using a spider web for positive and negative thoughts, will have to try that myself :)

  2. I love that thought - let the good ones stick to the web, let the bad pass if I could only memorize that for ever.

  3. What Jacqueline said! And the spirit of Spider is one of my totems, always relaying one (or both) of two messages: 'Create' and/or 'Don't get caught in your own web of illusion.' Got one just today; happened to glance up at the ceiling and there he was, crawling along. I never kill them, by the way; always catch and release. They're just messengers.


  4. In the book The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle there is a spider that under enchantment weaves a web with "warp of snow and weft of flame and never any two the same." When the enchantment is broken the spider cried. That touched my heart and I have felt kinder to spiders ever since.

    The discussion also reminds me of the native American Dream Catchers, the have a woven web that catches the good dreams and lets the nightmares pass through.

    Fun post!


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