The Free Motion Quilting Project: Halloween Costumes in Progress

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes in Progress

It's Wednesday and a combination of very painful, swollen hands and Halloween coming up tomorrow is keeping me off the sewing machine and busy at my dining room table working on James's costume.

free motion quilting | Leah Day

Why are my hands swollen? James and I went to a petting zoo on Monday and unfortunately decided to stop and pet the animals while standing on top of a fire ant nest. Never NEVER again! I got bit about 10 times while trying to brush the ants off James's legs and they are absolutely the most painful insect bites I've ever gotten in my life.

So I can't quilt, but I can hold a paintbrush and finish painting the extra details of James's super cool costume. James is going to be Bumblebee from the movie Transformers and this is the chest piece which I made back in July using leftover cardboard and lots of duct tape. This piece, combined with knee pads, and a real Bumblebee helmet should do the job. I'll definitely post more pictures tomorrow when James is totally decked out in the full gear from head to toe!




  1. ugh. sorry about the ants. They are the worst. Costume should be awesome tho. :)

  2. Fire ants are the spawn of Satan! LOL. Hope you recover quickly. We'll all need our Friday FMQ Fix!

  3. Oh no! I hope your hands feel better soon! I am glad we don't have fire ants here, I think the most vicious bug we have to worry about are the wasps! (Oh, and sandflies if you go to Fiordland!) Have a great night on Halloween!

  4. Ouch! Fire ants. I grew up with them in FL. Hate to hear they keep moving north.


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