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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quilting IS Funny!

I've long been a fan of The Bitchy Stitcher, Megan Dougherty, and her brand of off beat quilting humor. I have especially loved her yearly calendars of featuring shirtless men wrapped in quilts, clutching large burritos...

Yeah, that wasn't a typo!

The acronym stands for Quilters Shirtless Man and Spicy Burrito Calendar
Megan's humor has always hit me in that perfect place between shock and gut busting laughter, and I know I'm not the only one!

So I'm super happy and excited to share Megan's first book of quilting humor: Quilting Isn't Funny.

This hilarious book is comprised of Megan's many humor columns from Quilter's Home Magazine, from Generation Q, and from The Bitchy Stitcher blog, and also two never-before-seen pieces. Megan has smartly self published this masterpiece and is offering the book directly from her website in both physical book and PDF formats.

Simply put: this book is hilarious! If you're looking for a diversion from the insanity of the holidays, and an excuse to kick back on the couch and giggle until your sides hurt, this is most certainly the book for you!

One of my personal favorite parts from the book is the introduction where Megan walks you through the 17 steps to make a quilt, which sounded oddly similar to my experience making my first quilt, minus the lawsuit and knee replacement surgery.

And I nearly spat my tea out all over Josh when I read Oh, Mom - a reaction to the modern quilting movement through the conversation between a hypothetical mother and daughter, highlighting and lampooning the absurdity of how serious some quilters of any given "movement" take themselves.

Again: this hits my humor buttons like crazy, but to many quilters...shall we say of a stuffier variety... don't find this so funny.

Which is why Megan titled the book Quilting Isn't Funny!

Many super stuffy quilters have written to magazines after her articles have been published demanding a subscription cancellation simply for being slightly offended by Megan's humor. My response? Lighten up!

We need a little more humor, and a little less perfection, and certainly a heavy dose of realism when it comes to this craft we all love. So if you're in the mood for a laugh, and this sounds right up your alley, definitely click here to pick up a copy of Quilting Isn't Funny today.

free motion quilting | Leah Day
And just to sweeten the deal, if you place your order for Megan's book anytime this week (ending Sunday, Dec 22nd), swing back here and leave a comment about your favorite part of the book.

I'll use a random number generator to pick a lucky quilter to win a free copy of the Building Blocks Quilt Pattern.

Let's go quilt (and laugh about it!)

Leah Day


  1. The book sounds absolutely hilarious and exactly my sense of humour! Good on her for putting it together and showing that life just should never be taken too seriously (people who laugh more live longer too!!) Thanks for sharing it Leah, I always enjoy reading your posts - have a super fantastic Christmas!

  2. Oh, Leah .... I regularly read your blog, and Megan's.

    Imagine my surprise as I'm going through my blogs on Bloglovin and see my husband as the thumbnail photo with this post. LOL!

    I already have the book (and all of the calendars!)

    I just had to share my amusement. ;)

    Mrs. "First Calendar Cover Model"
    Ida ;)

    1. Ida, you lucky woman, you!! :-)

  3. WHERE CAN I GET A 2014 CALENDAR? I can't live without it. I just can't! :-)

  4. Who doesn't love a great laugh. You have my interest piqued with your review of the book.

  5. I read all her columns when she was in Quilter's Home, which I really miss as a quilt magazine.

  6. Hi Leah,
    Off topic.... but I just wanted to say your Building Blocks Quilt Pattern Book is just brilliant. I am so looking forward to progressing in 2014. Many thanks.

  7. I follow both of you regularly. Thank you both!

  8. I love off beat humor! Just ordered the book and calendar!!!

  9. I am happy to know that all those crazy things that Megan writes about didn't just happen to ME. Hilarious and oh so true. Thanks for the giveaway and Good luck everyone.


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