The Free Motion Quilting Project: #423 - Free Motion Quilt Kidney Stones

Thursday, January 23, 2014

#423 - Free Motion Quilt Kidney Stones

It's time for a new, super funky design! This is called Kidney Stones:

free motion quilting | Leah Day

I find this name perfectly suited to the clusters of large and small pebbles and rows of echo quilting, but I'm sure if you've ever had kidney stones, it's probably not a very good name. Many quilters felt the same way about Bloody Sawblades and Eyeballs too!

Regardless of the name, this design is super fun to quilt so let's learn how to do it together:

I've stitched this design today on a really tiny scale, but this isn't the only way this design will work! You can learn how to quilt it on a much larger scale in the Craftsy class Free Motion Fillers Volume 1. Click here to check out the class and get 50% off your enrollment.

No matter how big or how small you stitch it, this design is going to be a real stand out on your next quilt! Just in case you're looking for similar designs, this design belongs in the Pivoting Family with other awesome designs like Paisley and Lava Paisley.

It's also an Intermediate level design, which doesn't mean impossible! It just means there's some travel stitching involved that might take some practice to master.

Of course every time I post a weird name design, several more pop into my head. I'm off to stitch Wiggly Pasta and Cat Sick

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. I think you mis-named it! Looks like something else to me, which I'm not quite ballsy enough to say here! LOL

  2. Thanks, Leah. Informative as usual. I'll definitely try this one!


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