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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Canadian Quilt Talk Radio've gotta say - I LOVE being a quilter! This is such an amazing craft and filled with so many fun, terrific people! One person in particular I've recently met is Brandy Lynn from Canadian Quilt Talk Radio.

Brandy and I exchanged several emails back and forth to plan out a podcast interview and after just a few messages I knew I'd met a kindred spirit. We had a great time chatting together over an afternoon interview and this podcast will be available right here today, around 5 pm Eastern Time.

In the podcast we chatted about design, blogging, sewing machines and more. I also shared a few hints about our quilt along for next year, so you don't want to miss this interview!

But also don't miss checking out Brandy Lynn's awesome website and blog. One exciting
development last month was a kickstarter campaign to fund an awesome children's book on quilting - Kristy's Quilt. 

I love helping quilters follow their passion for writing, and this book has such an important goal as well - to help inspire the next generation to make quilts.

This is obviously important to lots of quilters because Brandy's kickstarter campaign was fully funded and the books will be available in June!

So make sure to swing by Brandy Lynn Designs and check out the podcast today. Canadian Quilt Talk Radio is also available here on itunes and with more than 40 episodes for you to enjoy.

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day

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