The Free Motion Quilting Project: New Colorful! Cheater Cloth

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Colorful! Cheater Cloth

Yes! After a lot of fiddling with colors and fine tuning of designs, we have our Colorful Cheater Cloth!

Building Blocks Colorful Cheater Cloth on White

This collection of all 42 blocks in the Building Blocks Quilt Along as been quite a lot of effort to plan and color, but it's so colorful and cheerful - it was worth every second!

free motion quilting | Leah Day
I have to admit, I never really understood the appeal of fabric design before because it just seemed really fiddly and complicated. Well, it is fiddly and complicated, but man, there's nothing like the feeling of slicing into my fabric and piecing it up into beautiful blocks.

The blocks here are from my Quilt Me! Fabric line, which was designed with the same colors as the Building Blocks Cheater Cloth. You can mix and match the two together to create some really neat blocks:

free motion quilting | Leah Day

This is the Spinning Square Block in green from the Building Blocks Colorful Cheater Cloth

The idea behind this fabric and the cheater cloth is the quilting design is printed on the fabric making it easy to quilt on the lines and get loads of practice for free motion quilting.

No, the lines on the fabric won't wash out after quilting - they're permanent - but isn't this a cool way to practice and make a beautiful quilt at the same time?!

Looking at all the designs I've created over the years, I'm a bit excited and overwhelmed with all the possibilities for new fabric designs. I know I'd love to see fabric printed with feather filler and swirling water...What designs would you love to see in fabric?

Let's go quilt,



  1. Okay, that did it! I've been mulling over buying the Spoonflower yardage, and you just tipped the balance.

  2. I absolutely love this colorful version! What a great idea to print the design on the fabric.

  3. Love the new Cheater Cloth - lovely colours. What I don't like is the permanent quilt lines and especially when you go off of them - could there be a way to make them disappear when washed? My SIL uses bought patterns for cross-stitch in bright blue but they wash out.

  4. I just know I am going to love these. What of course I do not like is the price. But sometimes we have to pay a bit for our fun. I am looking forward to seeing many more of your designs in color.

  5. I LOVE your new fabric line. Congratulations!


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